Welcome to a new world of plant-based nutrition. GARDEN GOURMET® is a delicious range of plant-based meat alternatives that offers a versatile choice of vegetarian and vegan products without compromise on taste and texture.

GARDEN GOURMET allows you to offer delicious and easy to prepare options that can cater for every diner’s preferences and needs. Using high-quality ingredients, the plant-based meat alternatives in the GARDEN GOURMET range delivers an appetising experience that provides a source of plant based protein and fibre. * 

Why not try something new? Create inspiring plant-based meals, come up with wonderful vegan and vegetarian menu ideas and keep ahead of the trends for the future.

*Protein contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass.

Veggie ultimate burger

From delicious meat-free burgers to mouth-watering vegan fillets, the GARDEN GOURMET range is ready to impress in a variety of recipes. Plus, if you’re looking for a vegan wholesale offering, these vegan and vegetarian-friendly products can be purchased in bulk so you will never run out. 

Garden Gourmet® Sustainability Journey

We are excited to announce that Garden Gourmet® will accelerate our sustainability journey and become a carbon neutral certified brand by 2022.
We believe that as more people embrace plant-based food, the better the world will be. With our Garden Gourmet range, we provide delicious plant-based food options to allow you to offer consumers more sustainable plant based alternatives to conventional meat dishes to help them live a lifestyle with a reduced impact on the environment.
We have challenged ourselves to achieve carbon neutrality by 2022 to accelerate our contribution to the ambition we share with our consumers: making the world a better place while enjoying great food.
We at Garden Gourmet® know that Plant-based diets represent a major opportunity to help reduce the environmental footprint of the food system.

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Garden Gourmet Carbon Neutrality Plan - Available at 

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report, 2019 - Available at: