So much more than just a competition


Join us for the adventure of a lifetime and experience the hospitality industry like it really is - challenging but extremely rewarding. If you are a student or an apprentice looking to learn from the very best and in for a unique experience, this is your chance to impress!

Toque d’Or is the Nestlé Professional competition providing real life challenges that inform, test and push both students and apprentices in the most exciting ways.

Toque d’Or is not just a hospitality  competition.

It’s a unique experience aiming to inspire the next generation of chefs and foodservice enthusiasts.

It’s an exciting challenge helping competitors gain both front and back-of-house experience while developing their skills and knowledge.

It’s an opportunity for students and apprentices to bridge the gap between the classroom and the exciting reality of industry.

It’s free to enter. Just ask your lecturer to register you and your colleagues for the Nestlé Professional Toque d’Or competition or register yourself if you are an apprentice.

New for 2020


Great news for everyone joining our Nestlé Professional competition! Toque d’Or has developed during its 31 years, introducing apprentices and new challenges to finalists. We recognise that front of house plays a significant role in our industry and in 2020 we want to highlight this by opening the competition to students and apprentices specialising in service roles.

This year all students and apprentices will be registered for the Nestlé Professional Toque d’Or competition individually, representing their college or business in either a front or back-of-house role.

2019 Highlights

Sustainable Futures

From protecting the foodservice industry as a whole by safeguarding long-term careers for the next generation to delivering health and wellbeing by focusing on sustainable eating, menu planning and operations, sustainability is having a significant impact on the UK industry.

Nestlé Professional Toque d’Or is ready to make a difference. Our Sustainable Futures campaign aims to highlight the valuable role sustainability plays across the foodservice sector while focusing on talent and skills development. Join us on this exciting journey!