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We understand the demands and challenges you face with a busy service and believe we can help you to deliver delicious drinks and dishes more efficiently by using our creative food and drink solutions.


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Culinary Ingredients

Thai green curry made with Maggi coconut milk powder

MAGGI® Coconut Milk Powder

A quality dehydrated coconut milk powder that can be used to make coconut milk and coconut cream.

Roast beef made with Maggi gravy

MAGGI® Gravies

A range of market leading mix gravies that are thick, glossy and delicious.

Sirloin steak with Chef powder stock

CHEF® Powders

Rich flavoured and easy to use, the classic powder stock dissolves to deliver taste and great flavour to dishes.

Chicken and mushroom pie made with Maggi stock

MAGGI® Stocks

A range of dehydrated and concentrated stocks for use during or after cooking to boost flavour.

Japanese chicken noodles with Maggi seasoning

MAGGI® Seasoning

A concentrated liquid flavour boost that can be used to bring out the flavours of any dish.

Cheesy mash made with Maggi mashed potato flakes

MAGGI® Mashed Potato Flakes

Instant mashed potato flakes that can be made hot or cold.

Salmon topped with Maggi breadcrumbs

MAGGI® Breadcrumbs

Seasoned breadcrumbs that are baked not fried and great to use with chicken, fish or vegetables.

Ox cheek with Chef all natural stock

CHEF® All Natural Stocks

A range of all natural stocks developed by chefs for chefs following traditional recipes.

Desserts and Confectionery

Banoffee crème caramel made with Nestlé Docello
NESTLÉ Docello

NESTLÉ® Docello™

A range of high quality dehydrated dessert mixes designed to help introduce creative desserts to menus.

Apple and blackberry tart made with Carnation


A range of products made from fresh milk that can effortlessly thicken or add creaminess to desserts.

Individually wrapped Polo bag


The sweet with the hole. Available in two different formats exclusive to the out of home market.