Registration closes Friday 4th February 2022.


Step 1. Registration Phase (6th Dec 2021 - 4th Feb 2022)

Please select the panel below which best describes your situation, and then submit your details. We'll contact you with information about the next steps in the competition process.


Step 2. Selection Phase (6th December 2021 - 11th February 2022)

Once you have completed Step 1, you can start working on the Selection Task. The selection task will need to be completed by FRIDAY 11th FEBRUARY add calendar reminder here. Colleagues and employers will choose a maxmimum of 3 Back of House and 3 Front of House competitors to progress to the next stage. We will be contacting leactures and employers to find out who thier selected competitors are after the 11th February 2022.


Step 3. Qualification Phase (25th February - 27th February 2022)

The competitors who progress from the Selection Task, will then have to complete an online assessment with 10 multiple-choice questions. Competitors will also need to submit a 30-second video saying why they are passionate about hospitality and why they should be in Toque d'Or 2022 competition. The entry examination will be live from Friday 25th February 2022 until Sun 27th February 2022. Add calendar reminder here.

For full information about the Selection & Qualification task click here.


Step 4. Heats Phase (28th March - 1st April 2022)

We will shortlist 15 Back of House students, 15 Back fo House apprentices, 15 Front of House students and 15 Front of House apprentices to go into the Heats. We will notify shortlised competitors via social media and emial by 11th March 2022. Challenge information will be shared with competitors later.


Step 5. Grand Finals Phase (w/c 25th April 2022)

12 competitors will progress to the grand Finals. Challenges to be confirmed. We will shortlist 3 Back of House students, 3 Back of House apprentices, 3 Front of House students and 3 Front of House apprentices to go to the Grand Finals. We will notify shortlised competitors via soical media and email by the 4th April 2022.


Step 6. Awards Phase

All 12 finalists plus thier lecturers and employers will be invited to attend the awards ceremony to take place at a location in London in late May - to be confirmed. We will reveal the 4 Toque d'Or 2022 winners at The Awards.