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Coffee on the go: a great opportunity for your business

As life gets busier and busier, takeaway coffee is a fast-growing opportunity. Whether it’s a quick latté to take on the road or a black coffee to go, hot drinks in a hurry are big business.

But just because they’re on the move, doesn’t mean people aren’t picky about their drink choices. NESCAFÉ® &GO® are the perfect coffee machines for business. Each machine is an easy to use, quality coffee maker that could turn extra profit for your business.


A Nescafé & Go machine



Selling delicious coffee, made easy. It's the NESCAFÉ &GO advantage

This coffee machine for businesses allows you to offer coffee and other hot drinks such as tea and hot chocolate even in small locations. 

  • NESCAFÉ® is the UK's #1 instant coffee brand*.
  • A compact and convenient machine
  • Simply plug in and go. Easy to maintain once set up**.
  • Machine initially heats up in approximately 11 minutes then maintains temperature to ensure each drink is dispensed within 10 seconds.
  • Additional POS available for your store such as window sticker and shelf strips.




The profitable coffee machine for business with 51% profit on return per cup^

With a 76p profit opportunity per cup^, you could get back the cost of a NESCAFÉ &GO machine in a week!


Number of hot drinks per dayRRP^Weekly turnover^Annual turnover^Weekly profit^Payback time (days)^^



*IRI MAT 52 weeks December 2017. **Maintenance and cleaning guidelines outlined in user manual. ^In this example Nestlé's RRP is £1.50 and is only a recommendation. Resale prices are at the sole discretion of the retailer. The estimated turnover and profit on return calculation is based on selling at RRP, 20 cups per day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks per year, at an estimated cost of 74p per day. All examples are for illustration purposes only. Nestlé cannot and does not guarantee customer turnover, margins or profit. ^^Machine price is £125 (+VAT), however estimated payback calculation does not include VAT. 

Nescafé Coffee Journey

Ever wondered how we produce our Nescafé coffee?

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