Smooth as velvet, Cold as ice.

Coffee, but not as you know it.

NESCAFÉ® AZERA® Nitro is coffee but not as you know it. Super smooth, velvety and served extra cold, it is the ultimate in coffee refreshment.

So, what is nitro coffee?

In simple terms, its coffee infused with nitrogen. Then, this nitrogen-infused coffee is pushed through a pressurised valve to create the end result, which is smooth, dark, and topped with a creamy-textured crema. Nitro coffee can be described as having a crisp, sweet taste, with the nitrogen bringing out rounded, mellow coffee flavours in the brew.


Best served chilled

NESCAFÉ AZERA Nitro coffee offers your customers or employees an innovative way of enjoying cold coffee. The smooth taste and its velvety texture combine with the drama of its pour to make a coffee that’s really unexpected.

NESCAFÉ AZERA Nitro is available in Americano or Latte flavours in ready to drink cans. Made with coffee sourced through the Nescafé Plan, every serving of NESCAFÉ AZERA Nitro helps to secure the future of coffee.

NESCAFÉ AZERA Nitro Americano is a refreshing and smooth black coffee infused with nitrogen. NESCAFÉ AZERA Nitro Latte, a milky drink with coffee – offers a smooth and creamier tasting option.




Easy and convenient can solution to bring the cold coffee trend to your customers.


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