Created by chefs, CHEF® launches the new Signature range

Thursday, June 7, 2018

We are constantly working on new products and innovations to help support professional chefs uphold their high standards in this ever changing and challenging environment. We are proud to announce the launch our latest innovation new CHEF® Signature range made for chefs by chefs.


Arial plate image of dish created using the new CHEF® Signature range.

The CHEF Signature range is born out of an understanding of modern gastronomy, whilst incorporating respect for traditional culinary principles. CHEF Signature is a range of authentic, on trend pastes and liquids which encourage chefs to create dishes that are unique to them, by using innovative, intense flavours with scratch-made quality that do not compromise on taste. 

Each of the products has versatile application making them not just a base for culinary creativeness but also a cost and timesaving solution for your business. The pastes and liquids provide full freedom in menu development and experimentation with taste, whilst allowing chefs to develop their own signature touch. 


A group of bottles and tubs of our CHEF signature range for professional chefs.

The range consists of four pastes in black garlic, lemon, red and port wine reduction and white wine reduction, and two liquid concentrates, gastrique and roast.

CHEF Signature Black Garlic Paste removes the hassle of creating this on-trend flavour in the traditional way by fermenting and storing garlic for 60 to 90 days while CHEF Signature Lemon Paste takes away the process of preserving and storing lemons for 6 months.

The CHEF Signature Red and Port Wine and White Wine Reductions eliminates the danger of bringing glass into the kitchen and delivers consistency by ensuring the same wine is used in each dish. Sometimes when the wine runs out, kitchens also have to resort to the left-over wine from the bar causing irregularity in taste across covers.


Ariel view of a fish dishGastro pub dish created using new CHEF® Signature range

Gastro pub dish created using new CHEF® Signature range


The CHEF Signature Gastrique allows chefs to add the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity to any dish and finally, CHEF Signature Roast is a unique product that delivers umami flavour to dishes and has multiple applications. 

Your chef signature is yours and yours alone. It is personal. It is unique to you. Chefs all over the world know the value of creating signature dishes – memorable flavours that keep your customers coming back for more.


CHEF Signature range is available now


If you have any futher questions, we would love to hear from you.


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