Environmental Sustainability

A farmer growing coffee beans

In a world facing rapid environmental change and rising populations, we all have a stake in protecting our environment. 


It’s important to us that your business can enjoy our food and drink solutions without compromising your environmental principles.


At Nestlé, our aim is to grow our business while reducing our impacts on the environment. We are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, using resources efficiently, and encouraging biodiversity in the areas where we operate.
We set clear targets for environmental sustainability and publish regular updates on our progress, so you know we’re keeping our promises.
Across our organisation in recent years, we’ve avoided the use of over 45,000 tonnes of packaging materials, phased out 92% of industrial refrigerants and reduced energy consumption per tonne of produce by 26%.
Of course, sustainability is a long-term commitment. So we’re always looking for new ways to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, cut waste and minimise energy consumption even further.