Discover the Shortlisted Candidates for 2021 Toque d’Or® Competition Heats

Friday, March 26, 2021

Toque Competitor

We proudly announce the shortlist of rising industry talent set to compete in the heats of our 2021 Toque d’Or competition. Despite the current climate, this year saw a record-breaking 956 entries from 40 individual colleges and 40 businesses looking to take part in the competition.

Toque d'Or® 2021 Competition Heats Shortlist Revealed

This year’s Heats will welcome 76 back of house and 36 front of house students, apprentices and young professionals from a wide range of colleges and employers across the country (see below for the full list). Each candidate, lecturer and employer will receive an email from Nestlé Professional to indicate whether they have been successful.

Katya Simmons, Managing Director of Nestlé Professional UK&I, says:

“In what has been a challenging year for hospitality, I am delighted with the standard of entries we have received.” 

“The passion and dedication of each competitor is a credit to our industry, and I am excited to welcome them to the heats. We are proud to support the next generation and provide them with the opportunity to learn and grow in their career. Good luck to all of the 2021 competitors.” 

The tasks for the heats have also been announced today. For Back of House, recently crowned winner of MasterChef: The Professionals, The Festive Knockout Louisa Ellis has challenged competitors to create their own vegetarian sauce to accompany her gnocchi dish and demonstrate why it is vegetarian, nutritional, and sustainable. Front of House competitors will need to create a non-alcoholic, mixed drink based on a high-quality Jasmine Green Tea. Educator and drinks expert Alison Taffs will be looking for competitors to consider the nutritional content in their drinks by keeping sugar levels to a minimum. With the increasing importance of the role of digital in the industry, all competitors will be asked to bring their dishes and drinks to life via a digital challenge. This will consist of creating a video, a series of stories and a post to present and promote their creations.

All competitors will partake in a virtual cooking / drinks challenge on 15/04/2021. Once complete, they will package their dishes or drinks for distribution through OLIO, the online platform that connects neighbours and businesses with each other to reduce food waste. Finalists will be announced on 30/04/2021.


The Shortlisted Candidates:

Due to an unexpected level of student entries, many of which are of the same high caliber, we found it difficult to reduce the number of qualifying participants to two (2) Back of House and two (2) Front of House students per college as originally advertised. Therefore, we have decided to increase the final number of competitors to four (4) Back of House and four (4) Front of House per college.



Abigail Edwards, Student, Northampton College 

Adam Green, Student, Blackpool and The Fylde College

Aidan Kemp, Student, West Nottinghamshire College

Aimee Pugh, Student, University of Derby

Alahgi Jadama, Student, University College Birmingham

Alejandro Duran Cuenca, Professional, Zuma 

Amy Bilton, Professional, Sparrow 

Bence Kandiko, Student, Hugh Baird Collage

Cameron Wilkinson, Student, Crawley College

Carnac Venables, Student, Northampton College

Chris Mallams, Student, University of Derby 

Connor Haslem, Student, Southern Regional College

Constantin Medvidi, Student, Coleg Menai

Daniel Struczynski, Apprentice, Craven College

Daniela Prela, Student, Westminster Kingsway College

David Costello, Apprentice, Ess Compass Dering Lines Brecon

Dipen Patel, Professional, Just a bite Ltd 

Ellie Turner, Student, South Lanarkshire College

Elycia Rayner, Student, Milton Keynes College 

Emily Arnott, Student, Trafford College

Enid Ramos, Student, West Herts College

Erica Agyei, Student, University Of Derby 

Ewa Kruczek, Apprentice, Compass Group

Fatu Kabia, Student, New City College Hackney

Freddie Pennington, Student, West London College

Grezegorz Banbula, Apprentice, The Clapham North

Harry Andrews, Student, Lancaster and Morcombe College 

Heather Goldie, Student, University College Birmingham

Isaac Roberts, Student, Isle of Wight College

Jack Towler, Student, Doncaster College 

Jamie Farrow, Student, North Hertfordshire College

Jamie Morris, Student, Hugh Baird College

Jason Gyimah, Student, West London College

Joe Mitchell, Apprentice, Brend Hotels

Joey Linsell, Student, Isle of Wight College

Joshua Vincent, Student, Newcastle Collage (NCG)

Karl Jones, Apprentice, The Botanist / Trafford College

Kathryn Hastings, Student, The Sheffield College

Kenisha Browne, Apprentice, Compass Group UK and Ireland 

Kenny Markham, Apprentice, HIT Training Ltd

Kitty Barratt, Student, Westminster Kingsway College

Lauren Kippen, Student, City of Glasgow College

Lee Ladislav Poustevnik, Professional, Canford School

Liam Hanson, Student, Blackpool and the Fylde College 

Lucas Tuthill, Student, Hugh Baird College

Lucy Dillon, Student, West Herts College

Luke McDonald, Student, North Herts College 

Luke Taylor, Student, West Nottinghamshire College

Madeleine Cave, Student, Middlesbrough College

Mahmoud Attiya, Student, West Notts College

Maia Bashford, Apprentice, Westminster Kingsway College

Maisie Barnes, Student, Westminster Kingsway College

Marc Holmes, Student, Middlesbrough College 

Maria Garay Saldana, Student, New City College

Maria Carbone, Student, New City College

Mariane Pocas, Student, Lakefield Hospitality College

Michael Doogan, Student, Edinburgh College

Oliver Cooper, Student, Vision West Nottinghamshire College

Oliver Gani, Student, Westminster Kingsway Collage

Oliver Herrington, Student, Sheffield College 

Oska Ready, Student, West Notts College

Patrice-Jade Andrews, Professional, Center Parcs Woburn Forest

Peter Williams, Student, Doncaster College

Poppy Andrews, Student, North Hertfordshire College

Rebecca Bourne, Student, University College Birmingham

Saeed Farhadi, Student, Doncaster College

Sam Tickell, Student, Central Bedfordshire College

Samuel Paoli, Student, New City College

Sarah Morton, Student, New City College London

Sasha Bawcombe, Student, Lakefield Hospitality College

Shannon Lippiatt, Student, South Lanarkshire College

Shay Leahy, Student, Blackpool and The Fylde College

Steven Drury, Student, Hugh Baird College

Thi Tuyet Nhung Nguyen, Student, Trafford College

Todd Woolston, Student, North Hertfordshire College

Vienna Barras, Student, Middlesbrough College



Alfie Jolliffe, Student, South Downs College 

Anhelina Duschak, Student, New City College Hackney

Bethany Breach, Apprentice, Red Carnation Hotels

Bryn Williams, Professional, Whatley Manor Hotel and Spa

Carla Pettit, Student, Hugh Baird 

Domenico Spinelli, Professional, Hilton Bankside

Ellie Brown, Student, Tameside College 

Elvira Grygutsiak, Student, New City College

Eric Schofield, Student, Sheffield City College

Erica Macharia, Apprentice, Red Carnation Hotels

Gemma Gant, Student, North Herts College

Georgia Wheatley, Professional, University College Birmingham

Holly Gray, Student, Tameside College

Jamie Tainton, Student, Cardiff and Vale College

Jasmine Miller, Student, Tameside Collage

Jediah Kristian, Student, Coleg Llandrillo

Jennifer Burrows, Student, Hugh Baird College

Jess Metcalf, Apprentice, Isle of Wight College

Jessica Nicholson, Student, Sheffield College 

Johnny Stubbington, Student, Ayrshire College

Kian McGuinness, Student, Tameside College

Klaudia Adasiak, Student, West Notts College

Lois O'Hara, Student, Lancaster and Morecambe College

Lucy White, Student, West Nottinghamshire College  

Luke Salkeld, Student, Isle of Wight College

Marc Barker, Student, Isle of Wight College 

Melanie Harrison, Student, Middlesbrough College  

Morgan-Rose Sutherland, Student, Lancaster and Morecambe College 

Neama Hashad, Student, Tameside College 

Ruby Pile, Student, Cardiff and Vale College 

Ruby Osborn, Student, The Sheffield College

Seana Martin, Student, Ayrshire College 

Sian Bonner, Student, Hugh Baird College

Sophie Taylor, Student, Edinburgh College

Teresa Rodriguez Maisterra, Student, Lakefield Hospitality College

Thairee Cowie, Student, Ayrshire College

Key Dates: 

  • Heat task communicated – 26/03/2021 
  • Virtual cooking challenge to take place - 15/04/2021  
  • Finalists announced – 30/04/2021
  • Grand finals hosted – w/c 28/06/2021 
  • Awards (on the last day of the finals) - w/c 28/06/2021
  • Awards broadcast – July 2021

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