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Our top quality coffee with VIP support

Producing premium coffees takes skill, expertise and experience. Thankfully we poured all of these attributes into our NESCAFÉ® Milano range, so you can serve delicious coffee to your customers, without detracting from your core business.

Easy to use and customisable for businesses large and small, NESCAFÉ Milano is a complete specialty drinks solution, including: the coffee machine, ingredients, technical and commercial support. And because we take personal pride in our quality coffee, we’ll partner with you from day one to help you grow.

Premium quality coffee, cup after cup

Premium coffee drinkers know what they like. Make sure you serve them up the best possible experience every time with our NESCAFÉ Milano range.

We believe the ideal coffee can be separated into six key elements – and have purposely designed NESCAFÉ Milano to help deliver them all.




Our ProCare service package ensures a hassle-free and quick installation process, and hands-on training for your staff so they're ready to provide quality beverages to your customers in no time. Contact us today for more information

Our Products

Nescafe Milano 8/60 Coffee Machine

NESCAFÉ® Milano 8/60 Coffee Machine

The NESCAFÉ Milano 8/60 allows you to make premium, barista-style coffee in under 40 seconds. Serve premium drinks with authentic rich cremas and dense foams to create an authentic café experience, with a machine that’s easy to operate by both staff and customers.
Nescafe Milano ispirazione italiana coffee

NESCAFÉ® Milano Ispirazione Italiana Coffee 250g

NESCAFÉ® Milano ISPIRAZIONE ITALIANA 100% Arabica is a dark roasted blend, with lingering body and intense character, enhanced by complex and well balanced flavours, delivering a more roasty and rich cup. It’s combined with a stiff and dense crema to appetise your senses.
Nescafe Milano city roast coffee

NESCAFÉ® Milano City Roast with Micronised Coffee 250g

NESCAFÉ Milano City Roast is enhanced to bring out the flavours of roast and ground coffee. Discover NESCAFÉ Milano coffee from Nestlé Professional.
Nescafe Milano skimmed milk powder

NESTLÉ® Milano Semi-skimmed Milk Powder

A 100% milk product. The NESCAFÉ Milano machine creates micro-bubbles, which means a silky foam is created, great for lattes and cappuccinos.

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