A cup of coffee and an After Eight mint

Plant Based Ingredients

Plant Based Meat Alternatives

Coffee and Hot Drinks

Close up of coffee machine
Commercial Coffee Machines
Cold Coffee
Coffee and Hot Chocolate Tins and Refills
Coffee and Hot Chocolate Sachets
Coffee, Tea and Hot Chocolate Cups
Coffee beans scattered on a table
Quality coffee vending ingredients

Desserts, Confectionery and Snacks

A close up of chocolate mousse with fruit
Dessert Ingredients
A 4 finger original KitKat
Impulse Confectionery
Fruit & Nut Snacks
A Smarties chocolate chick
Seasonal Confectionery
A Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles sharing bag
Sharing Confectionery

Culinary Ingredients

A close up dish made from a Maggi product
Bouillons, Gravies, Soups & Sauces
A close up dish made from a Chef product
Premium Stocks, Sauces & Cooking Bases