From indoor slides to sleeping pods, some offices have the craziest and best perks

Thursday, September 7, 2017

With roughly 35% of your waking time spent at work, a few small office perks can go a long way to improving your quality of life. But as competition for top talent in certain industries increases, so too does the lavish nature of office perks. With everything from Google’s sleeping pods to Apple’s free apples, we take a look at the top 10 office perks out there.

  1. Google lets employees take a nap during the day in their sleeping pods –
  2. Apple provides co-workers with unlimited healthy apples throughout the day –
  3. UK based social media marketing agency Social Chain has a slide in the middle of their office –
  4. Here at Nestlé we allow colleagues to bring their dogs to work, the result of a survey by Purina revealing that staff are happier and healthier when they can bring their pets into the office –
  5. Taking the dog based perks one step further, BrewDog gives employees one week of paid leave to settle a new dog into your home –
  6. It may seem like hell to some, but TransferWise take all staff on an all-expenses-paid holiday every year –
  7. Probably the least indulgent and most worthy of the top 10, The Body Shop pays staff for five days of volunteering a year –
  8. LinkedIn’s San Francisco office has a gym where staff can train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu -
  9. Netflix gives new mothers and fathers 12 months paid leave –
  10. True to their adventurous ethos, Airbnb gives their employees $2000 to travel the world –

It is undeniable that these office perks are extravagant and out of reach for the majority of businesses. Yet small changes to office perks can create a huge positive change. For example, providing free coffee or upgrading the coffee offered to colleagues goes a small way to showing appreciation for the hard work they do. To get you started, we are giving away £1,000 worth of NESCAFÉ® AZERA® coffee and KITKAT®.












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