Helping to educate children on healthy diets and lifestyles

Monday, August 14, 2017


As a funding partner of PhunkyFoods, the UK Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme is helping to educate children and their families on healthy diets and lifestyles in over 330 primary schools, reaching more than 86,000 children

The PhunkyFoods mission is to improve the dietary and physical activity habits of young children (aged 2-11 years) across the UK by helping to create supportive learning environments for health in early years settings and primary schools.

Rapid increases in childhood obesity prevalence means that we must help empower children, alongside their families and communities, to take control over their wellbeing to enable them to live longer, healthier and more fulfilled lives. The PhunkyFoods Programme aims to help early years settings and primary schools to deliver a whole-school approach to healthy lifestyles and to engage with all pupils, and their families, in promoting tangible health behaviour changes in a fun, lively and positive manner.

For the past two years, and in response to an increasing demand for hands on cooking in schools, Nestlé Healthy Kids and Nestlé Professional have been working closely with PhunkyFoods to deliver valuable food preparation experiences in schools. Working alongside a global partnership team through International Chef’s Day, as well as delivering additional sessions in schools across the academic year, Nestlé Professional chefs have so far visited 10 schools in the UK, and have worked with over 450 primary school pupils, making a huge impact on their knowledge and understanding of what is means to be a chef and getting hands-on and excited about good food.

 “Our aim is to educate children in local communities, teaching simple healthy food in partnership with PhunkyFoods. Personally for me, this is another reason as to why I love my job, it is so rewarding to work with the children, teaching them healthy food and great to see them making recipes come to life.”

“For example, when teaching the children, I talk about how we ‘eat with our eyes’, which means if something looks good on the plate, we will want to eat it. If we make healthy food look really good, we are more likely to want to eat it and that will help us stay fit, strong and healthy”.

Justin Clarke, Development Chef, Nestlé Professional