30 Years of Toque d’Or

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Toque d'Or 30 year anniversary logo

Nestlé Professional Toque d’Or is delighted to be celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2018.

Since it began Toque d’Or has gained recognition from the industry and education alike, evolving from a pioneering cookery contest into one of the UK’s most influential training and development initiatives.
Throughout the years, Toque d’Or has used real life challenges to showcase the breadth of career opportunities the hospitality industry has to offer and inspire the next generation of talent. It is this passion and commitment towards hospitality excellence that makes Nestlé Professional Toque d’Or so unique.
Our desire for Toque d’Or has long been to inform, challenge and test competitors in ways that open their minds to the opportunities within our industry. Linking education with industry results in participants being renowned for having demonstrated true passion and commitment to their craft and future career.


Our Industry

“When a child is asked ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ we want that child to say ‘I want to run a restaurant, bar or hotel’ at least as many times as that that child would say ‘I want to be an astronaut, fireman or doctor’. To achieve that we have to work really, really hard together. Why? Because it’s pretty ambitious. But just because it’s ambitious it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t go for it.”
Ufi Ibrahim, Chief Executive, British Hospitality Association


Our Vision

It is our vision to work with and support the industry in celebrating food service talent. Toque d’Or allows us to bring this vision to life. It helps build job potential by offering real life challenges for competitors with our partners in live environments.
Toque d’Or provides ample opportunities for competitors to interact with top chefs, experts and partners from different avenues within the industry. We hope they draw inspiration from them, take the opportunity to learn from their peers and take back new skills to businesses.
Giving back to the community is deeply rooted in our culture and we pride ourselves in being able to support the industry by nurturing the right people with the right skills to run future businesses. This helps us to support the sustainable future of jobs in our industry, while championing the best for employee engagement to retain the talent for the future.
Our industry is full of excitement. There are many opportunities for young talent seeking a rewarding lifetime career with unlimited potential for personal and professional development. Through Toque d’Or  we showcase the range of opportunities available and ultimately create awareness of hospitality as a first career
of choice.
George Vezza, Managing Director, Nestlé Professional UK & Ireland


What They Say

“I’ve done a few cooking competitions before, but I’ve never been involved in one so fundamentally focused on the participants’ development. Every part of the competition itself has given us an opportunity to develop not just as chefs but also as individuals with a love of food and an opinion.”
John Howarth, Mansion House Apprentice, Finalist 2017
“Toque d’Or is different to every other competition and so different from college. Here you are in at the deep end, working with real customers, in a real kitchen and the pressure is immense. It has given us a stepping stone to our future with contacts, connections and experience.”
Megan Lyke, University College Birmingham, College Winners 2016
“The tools and skills Toque d’Or provides gives these young professionals an understanding of what they need in the future and I don’t think you always get that from a day to day education. For me you’re only ever going to get out what you put in to this industry and this competition is exactly the same.” 
Adam Bateman, Group Executive Chef Principal Hotel Company, College Competition Judge 2017
“I feel so much more confident now and I just want to go back into college and show people what I’ve got.”
Hollie Tipper, Henley College Coventry, College Finalists 2017
“I have a new perspective on the way I should be about the food industry and its not ‘that’ll do’ anymore.”
Angelina Adamo, University College Birmingham, College Winners 2017
“I entered for the experience of a different kitchen and to see how far I could push myself outside of company catering which is what I do day to day. It’s literally the best cooking lesson I’ve ever had – the finals have been the best three days of my life, quite honestly, and culinary career so far.”
Luke Moloney, RMA Sandhurst Apprentice Finalist 2017
“It is exciting to do, not knowing what you’re going to be up against. You just get thrown in and you have to get on with it and if it goes well, it goes well, and if it doesn’t you work on it.”
Toby Sheffield, Henley College Coventry, College Finalists 2017


Enter Now

Being a part of Nestlé Professional Toque d’Or couldn’t be easier. Whether you are a student or apprentice wanting to compete, or a lecturer or employer keen to show learners new opportunities – we encourage you to join Toque d’Or.
Competition registration closes 15 December 2017.

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