The future of the workplace has arrived, and businesses all over the world are gearing up for change. But what does this future look like, and how do hot beverages — specifically coffee — play their part?

To answer these questions, we first need to understand how the workplace has changed beyond hot beverages. With so many of us having worked from home since the start of 2020, it’s no surprise that people have adapted to enjoying more flexibility around when and how they get their work done. 

Revealed: the future of the workplace might be hybrid

Just 31% of people surveyed by YouGov this year said they wanted office life to return to exactly how it was before the first lockdown last year1.

“The research also suggested that the 2021 lockdown has been more difficult for workers than previous periods of restriction, with 44% saying their mental health was worse than it was last spring. Just 15% of workers polled said their mental health was better than this time last year.” — People Management, March 20212.

And what’s more, new insight from the BBC3 found that over a million people in the UK will not be asked to return to working in the office full-time.

“Almost all of the top 50 biggest employers in the UK questioned by the BBC have said they do not plan to bring staff back to the office full-time. Some 43 of the firms said they would embrace a mix of home and office working, with staff encouraged to work from home two to three days a week.”

As a flexible mix of home and office working, this hybrid workplace model is a fast-growing disruptor to the traditional workplace set-up we once knew. On the way out is the mandatory 9–5 in the office and moving in to replace it is a more flexible and holistic model of office and home working that’s more considerate of wellbeing and lifestyles.

people working while drinking coffee

Discover the Smart Coffee productivity tips for hybrid workplaces

But what does this new hybrid way of working mean for coffee and hot beverage solutions in the workplace and beyond?

Let us introduce you to Smart Coffee, a playbook of solutions to help support and contribute to a more effective workplace. The Smart Coffee playbook combines the concept of our deep knowledge of the coffee category with the scientific thinking behind four main productive behaviours to create a playbook of solutions to help support and contribute to a more effective workplace. It’s these productive behaviours that will need to be nurtured and optimised during the shift to hybrid working, and one of the ways we can look to do this is through the implementation of some of the principles behind Smart Coffee.

Whether employees are working from home a couple of days a week or coming back full-time, Smart Coffee could help you welcome them back to the fold, increase their wellbeing, make them feel valued, and support in the creation of a productive, efficient hybrid workplace — all by simply utilising the power of the humble hot beverage.

For more information on how Smart Coffee could help you build your new hybrid workplace, or just to find out more about the future of the workplace download our Smart Coffee Playbook.