Thyme Lamb Rack with Red and Port Wine Jus

A recipe for a succulent lamb rack, accompanied with a red and port wine jus, infused with herbs and garlic.
  • 1:20 TIME
  • 10 Portions


For the Garnish

150g instant polenta 

450ml water 

50g black olive tapenade

250g green asparagus 

25g butter 

150g pickled red onions 

For the Lamb jus

500ml CHEF® All Natural Lamb stock

30g CHEF® Red and Port Wine Reduction Paste 

30ml gastrique

1tbsp. olive oil

5g thyme

10g rosemary

10g garlic

3g salt

2g pepper


Prep time:20 minutes. Cooking time:60 minutes.

  1. Cook the polenta according to the recipe on the pack and season with the black olive tapenade. Cool it overnight under pressure to have a firm and dense texture 
  2. Cut it into the preferred shape. During service, fry in oil till crispy.
  3. Fry the lamb rack on the skin-side, until it is golden. Finish it in the oven at 200c with thyme, cook it until the preferred cooking type and leave it to rest before carving it.
  4. Fry the asparagus in the butter until it is al dente. Then heat the picked red onions until cooked.
  5. Reduce the CHEF® All Natural Lamb Stock by 20% with the CHEF® Red and Port Wine Reduction Paste. Infuse the sauce with all of the herbs and garlic. 
  6. Strain the Lamb Jus sauce and season with gastrique, salt and pepper.


Why not use CHEF All Natural Veal Stock instead of CHEF All Natural Lamb stock to experiment with flavours.