Salad Gourmand, with Pata Negra Ham drizzled with a Red and Port Wine Dressing

A premium salad recipe using Pata Negra, completed by drizzling over a dressing infusion of Red and Port Wine.
  • 0:40 TIME
  • 10 Portions


600g mixed salad leaves


40g CHEF® Red and Port Wine Reduction Paste

30ml gastrique

50ml water 

50ml olive oil 


70g shallots

100g pata negra ham 

100g confit of gizzards 

40g toasted walnuts 


Prep time:20 minutes. Cooking time:20 minutes. 

  1. For the dressing mix the water, gastrique and CHEF® Red and Port Wine Reduction Paste. Then add the olive oil slowly while whisking until a smooth texture is achieved.
  2. Wash and pick the salad into the right size.
  3. Trim and fry the gizzards during service.
  4. Finally, plate the salad and build it up with shallots, walnuts, gizzards, Pata Negra and drizzle with the dressing.


A nice spin on the dish is to replace the pata negra with other types of cold cuts or confit.