Roast Ossobuco

Ossobuco: the classic Milanese dish usually made with veal shanks cooked in a rich broth that includes tomato and wine. Our sous-vide cooked Ossobuco has a memorable roast taste delivered by using CHEF® Signature Roast Liquid Seasoning.
  • 24:15 TIME
  • 10 Portions


2.5kg ossobuco 

60g CHEF® Roast Seasoning Liquid

60g CHEF® Red & Port Wine Reduction Paste



800ml water 

90g CHEF® Thickened Veal Jus



4g lemon zest

25g parsley, chopped


Prep Time: 24 hours. Cooking Time:15 minutes.

  1. Cut the beef shin into pieces and place in a sous-vide bag. 
  2. Season the Ossobuco with CHEF Signature Roast and CHEF Signature Red & Port Wine Reduction Paste. Seal the bag. 
  3. Sous vide at 80°C for 12-16 hours.
  4. Bring the water and jus de veau lié to a boil and season with the cooking jus from the sous vide bag.
  5. Plate the Ossobuco and grate the lemon to create a cest. Sprinkle over the dish with the chopped parsley.


Why not do the same preparations with lamb shank or beef brisket.