Cumbrian Lamb Hoggit with textures of Greek Salad

This dish brings together Cumbria hoggit prepared 2 ways (roast loin & confit belly) with lovage sponge and tuile, red onion marmalade, olive tapenade, marinated olives, torched cucumber, feta cheese beignet and preserved cherry tomatoes. Ideal for late Summer and Autumn menus.
  • 1:40 TIME
  • 4 Portions
Professional chef Christoper Dougan

Christopher Dougan

This recipe was created by Christopher Dougan, Head Chef at The Scarfell Hotel, Cumbria for our Chef Sessions Live event. Discover more about the event here


4 Pieces of lamb Hoggit loin approx 80g each

4 pieces of lamb flap approx 100g each before cooking 

15g olive oil

4 Garlic bulbs

12 Pitted green and black olives (pre marinated if possible for maximum flavour effect)

10g  Bunch of thyme 

10 bunch of rosemary 

150g lovage

3 red onions

50g demerara sugar 

1 tablespoon Marmite 

Plain flour

5 eggs 

3g Moltodextrin 

1 orange 

1 lemon

5 anchovies

100g pitted black olives unmarinated

6 cherry tomatoes 

1 cucumber

300g feta cheese

200g panko crumb

200g CHEF® All Natural Lamb Stock reduced by half

CHEF® Signature Black Garlic Paste to garnish


Prep Time: 40 minutes. Cooking Time: 1 hour

  1. Prepare the Hoggit saddle (remove the loin) separate the belly flaps from the middle fat. Confit the belly for 1.5 hrs on a medium heat 120-150 degrees in a fan oven. 
  2. Prepare the loin in portions and seal in a bag with rosemary, thyme and garlic and cook sous vide for 20 minutes at 54oc. (This will be pan roasted in butter just before service)
  3. Take 100g of lovage with 4 eggs and 1 extra egg white plus 25g plain flour blend together in a food processor and pass through a conical sieve.
  4. Place the passed mixture into an isigun and hit with 2 charges of n2o. 
  5. Slit the bottom of a plastic cup squire and add in the mix till 1/3 full and place in a microwave on full power for 45 seconds. 
  6. Place immediately in the freezer and leave to cool this prevents sinkage.  
  7. Return the remaining lovage pulp to a blender and add 7% moltadextrin and blend till smooth and spread on silpat mat. 
  8. Dry in dehydrator until crisp. 
  9. Slice the red onions and sweat until broken down add a little demerara sugar and a tablespoon of marmite. 
  10. Cover with CHEF All Natural lamb stock simmer until reduced and stock is coating the onions. 
  11. Cut feta cheese into 1.5cm cubes and panni with panto crumb. 
  12. Chill well before use. 
  13. Peel the cucumber remove the seeds and cut into even sized batons 
  14. Blend 50g black olives, 1 clove of garlic zest, juice of half a lemon and 5 anchovy fillets together. Add 15g olive oil a little at a time to emulsify the tapenade paste 
  15. To plate using a pastry brush paint a line down the centre of the plate with the CHEF Signature Black Garlic Paste
  16. Sear the lamb loin and confit belly skin side down in a hot pan and season the base with foaming butter. 
  17. Remove from the heat and set aside in the pan. 
  18. Take 3 of the cucumber batons and to add some colour. 
  19. Place in the centre of the plate like a ladder 
  20. Place a small dollop of the tapenade and onion marmalade at the end of each baton. Place a marinated olives and half a dried cherry tomatoes on top. 
  21. Fry the feta beignet until golden season with lemon juice and place the cube on the puree mix beside the olives and tomato. 
  22. Give the lamb loin and belly a glaze with the Signature Lamb stock before placing on the plate. Plate the loin between the centre batons and belly off set to other side. 
  23. Garnish with the lovage sponge and tuile. 
  24. Drizzle with lovage oil and serve with reduced CHEF All Natural lamb stock.


If aged Lamb Hoggit is unavailable the use of a young lamb will work also. The lovage too can be substituted with parsley for a milder flavour.