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How is nitro coffee normally served?

Traditionally it has been served on tap and infused with nitrogen to create a smooth, velvety textured drink with a cascading effect and a rich crema. It is now appearing in can formats for on the go. 

Is nitrogen dangerous to consume?

No – the addition of nitrogen to beverages, in the same way that carbon dioxide is added to carbonate drinks, is perfectly safe for human consumption. Nitrogen is used instead of carbon dioxide as the end result is a creamy, frothy beverage rather than full of fizz.

What is NESCAFÉ AZERA Nitro like?

We have achieved a winning taste profile in NESCAFÉ AZERA Nitro. The product delivers an excellent crema, with a great foamy mouth feel and excellent coffee taste.

What does nitro coffee taste like compared to standard coffee?

The addition of air affects the drink in two ways, both taste and texture. The texture is smooth and creamy and because of all the tiny bubbles, the taste is less acidic and a little sweeter giving a more rounded taste.

Why use air in coffee for NESCAFÉ AZERA Nitro?

Consumers are looking for new product experiences, and adding air to coffee delivers a different end cup profile to a standard cup of coffee. The coffee is infused with air to deliver a richer, creamier and slightly sweeter end cup.

What is the origin of the coffee used in NESCAFÉ AZERA Nitro?

NESCAFÉ AZERA Nitro uses a perfect blend of Arabica (sweeter/chocolatey overtones) and Robusta (full bodied) beans which are 4C certified.

Do you do NESCAFÉ AZERA Nitro in any different flavours?

In can format NESCAFÉ AZERA Nitro comes in Americano and Latte currently. We are continually looking to understand what new flavours consumers are looking for so keep your eyes peeled for new flavours in the future!

On tap the choice is yours! We can offer recommendations on flavoured variations that work well with nitro such as Vanilla & Caramel. NESCAFÉ AZERA Nitro on tap also works well in a number of mocktail recipes.



What kind of milk is used in the NESCAFÉ AZERA Nitro Latte can?

Our milk in NESCAFÉ AZERA Nitro is fresh milk which is then passed through a two-step UHT process in order to ensure we’re offering your customers a high quality and safe product to enjoy.

What is the difference between the NESCAFÉ AZERA Nitro Americano and the Latte?

Americano – NESCAFÉ AZERA Nitro Americano offers you a refreshing coffee that you can have wherever, however you fancy. Compared with the Latte, it has a stronger coffee taste with a balanced sweetness. There are no allergens in this coffee.

Latte – NESCAFÉ AZERA Nitro Latte is a delicious, smooth and silky Latte with subtle coffee notes and a creamy tasting texture. If you are lactose/milk/dairy intolerant, we would advise that you do not choose Latte and instead consider if Americano would better suit your taste buds.

How does the nitrogen infusion work in the NESCAFÉ AZERA Nitro cans?

In the cans liquid nitrogen is added to the liquid coffee in the can. The can is then seamed and the liquid quickly becomes gas in the available space between the coffee and the can. After this, the can is inverted and nitrogen is charged into the widget at the bottom of the can. At this point, the majority of the nitrogen is within the widget but there will still be some remaining in the headspace.


NESCAFÉ AZERA Nitro Dispensed 

How much caffeine is there in each dispensed serve of NESCAFÉ AZERA Nitro?

Based on a serving size of 200ml there is 110mg.

Should the NESCAFÉ AZERA Nitro dispensed product be served with ice and a straw?

We serve NESCAFÉ AZERA Nitro at the perfect temperature, meaning you don`t need to add ice. And you can save your money on straws as nitro is best consumed directly from the cup.

What is the recommended dispensed serving size for NESCAFÉ AZERA Nitro?

We would recommend a serving size of 200ml.

How do I clean the NESCAFÉ AZERA Nitro Dispenser?

The dispenser needs to be cleaned every 4 days. Cleaning instructions are included with the equipment.

How much does the NESCAFÉ AZERA Nitro Dispenser cost?

We have various options available. Please contact us to discuss a package that would suit your business. 

How is the nitrogen infused in the NESCAFÉ AZERA Nitro Dispenser?

Traditionally, nitrogen is infused into the coffee via a keg system (like a beer keg that requires a high pressured gas cylinder). However with our system, air is drawn into the machine and injected into the product before being dispensed. So no nitrogen canisters or complication needed!

What is different about the NESCAFÉ AZERA Nitro Dispenser?

It’s a Nestlé exclusive design to optimise the nitro coffee effect. It’s compact, plug and play dispenser delivering high quality and high value. 

It is easy to install: simply plug in the power, turn the cooler knob to the desired setting and flip the pump switch on and the system will draw in the beverage, chill it and infuse with air – ready to dispense in a few minutes.

The dispenser uses the 78% Nitrogen in the air to create the nitro effect and therefore does not need an additional gas bottle – no hassle or safety to worry about.

Can I use another coffee concentrate with my NESCAFÉ AZERA Nitro Dispenser?

The tabletop dispener is an open system, however we have worked hard to optimise every cup of NESCAFÉ AZERA Nitro dispensed through it. Our advice? Don’t accept second best.