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Our confectionery know-how

We have an enviable heritage and incredible Nestlé confectionery brands. We have the knowledge, the people, the insight and the technology. So, let us help your business.


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Our know-how is second to none

Selling Nestlé confectionery in your business can create a competitive advantage. Make the most of Nestlé research, our insight, our foresight and our unrivalled knowledge to build momentum for your business.

Here are some reasons to partner with us:

A confectionery research scientist in the laboratory

Research and Development

We have a global network of Nestlé research centres, and at our Product Technology Centre (PTC) in York we develop breakthrough technologies for chocolate, wafer and fruit-based confectionery.

Our teams of Nestlé research experts develop innovative ideas for confectionery, from new manufacturing, raw material processing and packaging methods, to the reformulation of existing products. We have a miniature factory, where new technologies are developed and tested before being used in our factories around the world. We’ve also enlarged our sensory testing facility, where panels of tasters evaluate prototypes and finished products.

Our R&D will create the winning confectionery of the future and this can benefit your business. 


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Insights and Learning

We bring research to life by combining leading consumer and shopper insights with cutting edge digital technology.

We know how people behave when shopping and how they use Nestlé products in and out of home. We are the only company in the UK to offer strategic shopper insights in this state-of-the-art learning environment.

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Demand Moments

We know that many things affect the choices consumers make: we call these ‘demand moments’ and they are at the heart of our category strategy. 

We’ve developed a deep understanding of why today’s consumers snack and when they do it. We also know how they interact with the wider snacking category, and where confectionery sits within this as a treat. This knowledge arms us to identify opportunities for growth for the category, and how we can unlock them to benefit your business.

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Amazing Factories

Nestlé factories are amazing centres of excellence and experts in confectionery manufacture, and we are constantly investing to ensure they are state-of-the-art.

We’ve invested over £100m in our York site, including building a new £20m AERO® factory, and there will soon be further investment in a new KITKAT® plant. We’re committed to more efficient and environmentally sustainable buildings and systems, setting the highest standards for the manufacture of confectionery in the future.

Two smiling woman next to a bowl of Quality Street

Incredible People

From scientists to strategists, from marketers to manufacturing experts, the Nestlé confectionery community is home to some of the most brilliant minds in the industry.

From the people helping improve the lives of cocoa farmers, to people working to reduce our effect on the environment, we’re proud to be a place where people who really care can have real influence. It’s the knowledge, energy and power of our community that makes us who we are, and that will drive us forward.



The quality of the Nestlé chocolate products that we produce is important to us and so are the lives of our Cocoa Farmers. That’s why we’ve developed the Nestlé Cocoa Plan to ensure better farming, better lives, better cocoa.