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Maximise your sales and delight consumers

If you’re a business that sells confectionery, it’s straightforward: you want to offer a range that appeals to as many consumers as possible (whether employees or customers). But how do you know if your product offering is what they’re looking for and how can you optimise your range?

We understand that consumer demands are different when they are at work compared to when they are at the cinema with family. And it’s important to offer a confectionery range to suit the occasion.

We have a variety of Nestlé confectionery brands and products to choose from that meet these specific demand moments. Whether it’s having a KITKAT® Four Finger bar at work to make the break more enjoyable or sharing a bag of ROWNTREE’S® Randoms® during a family trip to the cinema, there’s a Nestlé confectionery product for whatever occasion.

That’s why we’ve developed a range optimiser tool to help guide what should be in your confectionery range in order to have the greatest appeal to the consumers you’re targeting.


Our approach

Consumer reach graphic

We researched 2,000 consumers in out of home environments, concentrating on workplaces, leisure and travel, about their preferences when buying confectionery and other sweet treats. This quantitative and qualitative data gave us:

  • Insights into consumer behaviour and confectionery preferences, and how these differ by environment.
  • A tool which selects the optimal confectionery range for your business depending on what environment you operate in.

We’ve created a short video to help explain how our tool works and the benefits of using it:

Our approach

Consumer frequency graphic

  • ‘Reach’ is the proportion of people that would be satisfied by the range and ‘Frequency’ is how often they would make a purchase.
  • Once we know what they would buy, and how often, we can develop relative figures for total sales of the optimal confectionery range.
  • ‘Total Sales’ provides a score which indicates how well suited the suggested range is for your business and consumers.
  • You can then use these insights to make adjustments to your confectionery range as you wish. 

Optimising your range

Our Nestlé confectionery range optimiser can help your business offer confectionery to suit a range of consumer preferences out of home. To demonstrate its potential, we can give you an initial range recommendation based on your industry and a snapshot of some of the insights available.

Get started here and see how we can help maximise your confectionery sales.



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