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63% of adults say that they are trying to eat healthily all or most of the time and 39% of ‘snackers’ look for healthier options all or most of the time* but taste is not a compromise people are prepared to make. UK consumers have diversified their tastes and are increasingly seeking new products and experiences when it comes to meals and snacks**


Our YES! bars remove the compromise and deliver a tasty snack by focusing on diverse ingredients that you might not expect to find in any ordinary fruit or nut bar.

Nature’s Heart is a South American producer of delicious plant-based snacks. We take exceptional care to cultivate and source the finest natural ingredients and combine them to make truly delicious snacks, while keeping sustainable farming practices at the core of what we do. 

Our YES! and Nature’s Heart ranges meet this ever-increasing demand and allow you to offer your customers a range of products from nut bars to trial mixes. YES! Raspberry & Chia Fruit Bar is CQIN compliant as well as Nature’s Heart Blueberry and Goji Trail Mix, Tropical Mix and Strawberry and Pistachio Trail Mix.

*Kantar world panel 2018, Mintel healthy eating, Nestlé source of health research
**The Power of Snacking report- Nielsen, July 2018

Ingredients image of Dark Chocolate Goldenberries

The Goldenberry Plan

The goldenberries in our Chocolate Covered Goldenberries, Pineapple & Chilli Cashews, Blueberry & Goji Trail Mix, and Strawberry, Banana & Pistachio Trail Mix are part of the Goldenberry Plan.
We believe in producing delicious plant-based food that benefits everyone. Better quality goldenberries mean more profits for farmers and great tasting.
By generating sustainable income, providing hands on training, and promoting sustainable farming practices that respect the environment, Terrafertil is committed to supporting farmers in the areas that matter most.

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