Chef Sessions Live is a fantastic event for professional chefs to showcase their skills and creativity during a day of cooking with Nestlé’s development chef, Andrej Prokes.

It’s an opportunity for chefs to come and discover how CHEF® products can save time and maintain consistency in their kitchen, whilst getting to know and learn from other like-minded chefs.

October's Event




Meet Andrej Prokes


Our chef consultant, Andrej Prokes, works closely alongside the chefs at Chef Sessions live to introduce the range of products. The chefs then have the opportunity to taste the products and create their brilliant recipes.

Andrej believes the best part of Chef Sessions Live is the collaboration between chefs. He enjoys seeing what delicious recipes the chefs create and how they utilise the CHEF® range. He’s looking forward to future events!

Meet the chefs

Meet the four brilliant chefs who were chosen to take part in October's event.

Discover their delicious recipes below.

Daniel Araritei

Hello my name is Daniel Araritei and I'm the head chef at Las Iguanas in Braintree.

How could this CHEF® product benefit your kitchen?

Today is the first time I’ve used the CHEF® products, and I think that they’re really good. They can save a lot of time and provide a good consistency.

Do you think this a good event for chefs to take part in?

I think is a really good idea. I learnt a lot today, so I’m going home with something.

Fried Pollock with a curried mussel and shellfish sauce featuring CHEF® All Natural Shellfish Stock

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Andras Katona

Hi guys my name is Andras Katona and I am head chef at The Avenue Hotel in London.

What do you like the best about the CHEF® products?

The CHEF® products are really good because they are always there, you can use them anytime and you don’t have to think in advance. Like if you’ve forgotten something or you’re running out of something, it’s always there and it’s ready to go. So it’s very simple to use.

How do the CHEF® products improve your ability to create stand-out recipes?

The stocks’ consistency. It helps me to get consistency, as it’s always the same and helps with costs as well. It helps to look into the recipes and see how they can be adapted and then we always know how much we’ve used. There are no leftovers or wastage.

Pork loin with pommes Anna & whole grain mustard sauce featuring CHEF® All Natural Veal Stock

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Kevin Kinland

Hi I'm Kevin Kinland. I'm a freelance chef and former head chef at Marco Pierre White in Leeds

How do the CHEF® products improve your ability to create stand our recipes?

Because they’re a good standard stock, the consistency of them is amazing so you can continually improve recipes and get standardisation within the kitchen, which helps GP and customer satisfaction.

Do you think this is a good event for chefs to take part in?

It’s a great event, you get to network with new chefs, you get to see new products, speak to the people that make the products and have a bit of a laugh at the same time. So yeah, great day!

Yorkshire venison with purple potato, honey roast parsnips, creamed cabbage & blackberry sauce featuring CHEF® All Natural Beef stock


Christopher Dougan

Hiya, I'm Christopher Dougan and I'm the head chef at The Scafell Hotel in Cumbria.

How do the CHEF® products improve your ability to create stand-out recipes?

Basically, they let you concentrate more on other elements. A stock is a crucial part of a dish however it’s hard to get it consistent. So, if I use CHEF® stock, I can concentrate on technique and various other elements of the dish.

Do you think this is a good event for chefs to take part in?

Definitely. Seeing how to use a few of the products in a different way you wouldn’t even think about was very insightful.

Cumbrian lamb hogget with flavours & textures of a Greek salad featuring CHEF® All Natural Lamb Stock

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