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Children’s menus: ‘Treat’ doesn’t have to mean ‘trash’

Friday, December 2, 2016

‘Typical’ children’s menus no longer mean sausages and chips or burgers. Driven by parents’ demand for healthier options and pressure from the Soil Association’s ‘Out to Lunch’ campaign1, children’s menus have experienced quite a shake-up in recent years.

Children’s menus: ‘Treat’ doesn’t have to mean ‘trash’

These days, children’s eating habits are far from ‘typical’ as well. UK households have greater access to quality produce from across the world than ever before2, and it is fair to say that global cuisine is now just as common as fish and chips.

It is proving quite an exciting time for restaurants and cafés. Children’s ever evolving and sophisticated palates are providing wider scope when it comes to menu planning; there’s now more room for experimentation and creative flare. Chefs can draw inspiration from current food trends and street food concepts and incorporate interesting ingredients into their menus too.

Build-your-own food concepts, such as fajitas, are a perfect option for children’s menus as they are engaging and can help to encourage trying new flavours. A versatile choice for chefs and caterers as they can be filled with different vegetables and ingredients, depending on the time of year, for example.

In the current climate, it is safe to say that ‘treat’ doesn’t have to mean ‘trash’ when it comes to children’s menus. By listening to parents and children, who are saying they want fresh, exciting food, restaurants can continue to transform children’s menus for the better.