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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

With many chefs in the UK unable to work due to lockdown restrictions imposed by Covid-19, we have partnered with William Reed to provide ‘Downtime Development’ training that gives furloughed chefs and those at home the tools to adapt, strive and thrive in the new culinary landscape.

Ariel view of Plant-based dishes on a table

Before lockdown began, there was a clear trend towards more flexitarian and plant-based diets and the current crisis looks to have accelerated this shift. US sales of plant-based meat substitutes increased by 200 per cent in the week ending April 18 2020, compared with the same period last year1. One in five consumers in the UK have also reduced their meat intake since March, with sales of vegan burgers, sausages and dairy free milk increasing2. The survey also found half of those who have tried alternatives are planning on continuing to purchase them once lockdown is lifted . 

To capitalise on this trend, chefs and restauranteurs need to ensure they are providing a range of quality, meat-free options to appeal to the growing demand. To inspire all the fantastic chefs up and down the country to explore more plant-based recipes, we have worked with our development team to create a series of ‘Plant to Plate’ videos These videos provide inspiration for fresh, plant-based dishes to include on menus when restaurants reopen. 

The videos will showcase some new dishes as well as twists on classics and will also offer helpful tips and tricks to try, such as working with different flavour profiles and exclusive plant-based cooking techniques. 

The first recipe from our Business Development Chef, Justin Clarke is a Goan Curry, made with our Garden Gourmet fillet pieces and served with Turmeric Pilau rice. In the coming weeks we’ll be sharing recipes including: A Portuguese-style Fillet Burrito bowl, The Ultimate Veggie Burger, Fruit and Veggie Mince Tacos and BBQ Breaded Fillet and a Corn Salad Nacho Bowl. Our aim is to provide creative menu inspiration for contract caterers, pubs and casual dining establishments during this extraordinarily challenging time.

Each of these dishes features one of the plant-based Garden Gourmet® range which has been developed to provide chefs with the freedom and flexibility to experiment and create adventurous new dishes, while still providing fantastic texture, taste and quality.

The videos will be released every week, so keep visiting this page and make sure you are following us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest dishes and tips. 

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Our Plant-based Tutorials


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Vegetarian stir fry noodles served on a plate made with plant-based GARDEN GOURMET Fillet Pieces

Vegetarian Hoisin Fillet Piece Stir Fry

Plant-based fillet pieces are the secret ingredient to making this hoisin stir fry recipe the gourmet vegetarian feast that even non-veggies will admit they love. This recipe uses hoisin sauce but you could mix things up with your favourite - sweet chilli, Chow Mein, Katsu or sweet and sour all work brilliantly.

Presented by our Development Chef, Darren Chapman. View full recipe here


Vegetarian taco

Vegetarian Fruity Chilli Tacos

Mexican tacos are a popular dish as they can be a hand held street food snack or served as a main. Don’t let your vegetarian customers miss out on this vibrant, colourful dish. Our vegetarian chilli tacos recipe is packed full of flavour, with fruit balancing off the spices, making it more appealing for the whole family.

Presented by our Development Chef, David Wright. View full recipe here


BBQ Breaded Fillet and Corn Salad Nacho Bowl

BBQ Breaded Fillet and Corn Salad Nacho Bowl

This recipe is piled high with sweet and smokey flavours and varying textures making it a sure fire hit when it comes to satisfying the most diverse of taste buds.

Presented by our Development Chef, Roger Rahaman. View full recipe here



Vegan GARDEN GOURMET Sensational Burger with Classic Slaw

A juicy blend of flavour and texture, this vegan burger recipe will satisfy the most avid meat lover with a taste and look which barely differs from beef. Paired with the satisfying crunch of classic slaw.

Presented by our Development Chef, Darren Chapman. View full recipe here


Ariel view of Portuguese-style Vegan Burrito Bowl Recipe with Fillet Pieces

Portuguese-Style Fillet Burrito Bowl

This plant-based dish is colourful, fresh and full of flavour. It's quick to make and contains two of your five-a-day. There's loads of great textures and spices and the marinade is so veratile you can use it in a variety of recipes.

Presented by our Development Chef, Justin Clarke. View full recipe here


cook plating goan curry

Vegan Goan Curry Tutorial

Presented by our Development Chef, Justin Clarke. View full recipe here






  1. Financial Times: Pandemic accelerates shift to meat substitutes (April 2020)
  2. Vegconomist: Vegan Society Reveals that 1 in 5 Brits Have Reduced Meat Consumption Since Coronavirus (April 2020)

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