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Have you satisfied your customers’ thirst for ‘new generation’ coffee?

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Richard Green, our Head of Beverage Solutions, discusses Britain’s obsession with the coffee bean, and how technology can help satisfy the thirst of cost sector coffee connoisseurs.

A cup of espresso on a table in a café

The daily grind

In Britain, ‘coffee culture’ has become ingrained in our lives, so much so that today’s drinkers really ‘know their beans’. Whether at work, a restaurant or café, coffee lovers nationwide are often used to being able to order their favourite beverage – be that a flat white, a skinny cappuccino or a double shot latte.

It’s not just a varied menu people may expect, in some cases, even the blend or bean is a prerequisite. Previously, offering a full quality coffee menu was simply not a viable option for many organisations. This was often due to cost, staff training resources and even space constraints. Now, this is no longer the case.

It’s all in the tools

Thanks to improvements in technology, new generation coffee machines have enjoyed a meteoric rise. Innovations in the industry mean automated machines can come as close as possible to producing barista style coffee – without needing a highly-trained barista. Product development and touch screen technology allows these machines to deliver quality drinks at a touch of a button, giving operators the opportunity to cut staff costs.

One such solution, is the NESCAFÉ® Milano 2.0  which is able to use a ‘micronised’ coffee concept. This process locks finely-ground coffee within a soluble granule, which can help preserve the taste and rich aroma of the quality roasted beans.

In under 10 seconds, the machine delivers a consistent espresso base with a thick crema. The intuitive touch screen delivers up to 27 drink variations, including double and single shot coffee. Accommodating an array of choices is also achievable since layered lattes and frothy cappuccinos are offered in semi-skimmed and skimmed milk options.

What’s more, it also features our latest two-way telemetry technology. This helps allow operators to track sales and introduce new variants and promotions in line with the seasons.

To help deliver on taste as well as speed and choice, the new NESCAFÉ® Milano Ispirazione Italiana could be the answer. The blend of Italian-inspired coffee is developed with a roast & ground experience in mind. The 100% Arabica coffee is specially milled with the aim of delivering a richer, darker coffee. NESCAFÉ Milano Ispirazione Italiana  offers a full-bodied taste and intense aroma that could turn a good cup of coffee into a memorable one.

By embracing the new technology on offer, cost sector caterers could deliver the great coffee customers are expecting, quickly and effectively.