Reopening Restaurants and Other Food Businesses

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

BACK TO WORK - BACK TO BUSINESS: What it means for catering and restaurants health and safety guidelines.

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With lockdown restrictions gradually lifting and many workplaces preparing to reopen, the need for reassurance and trust has never been greater. The long period of uncertainly and unpredictability caused by COVID-19 has led to consumer concerns about their health and safety and the risk of infection. The typical workplace of the past will now look very different.

Being aware of changing consumer demands post-lockdown and working with trusted suppliers and partners to help address hygiene, food safety and quality assurance concerns will help your consumers with the fear of the unknown, but what other catering and restaurant guidelines can be put in place to help relieve any anxiety about returning to work?


Reopening guidelines for restaurants and workplace caterers

We’ve used our industry knowledge and expertise to compile essential insights for workplace caterers; designed to help prepare and implement changes to build trust and welcome your customers back to their workplace:


Many may feel anxious about returning to the office environment and concerns about safety and hygiene procedures will need to be addressed from the offset. From visibly wiping down table and handing out disinfectant wipes to speaking to suppliers about supply chain procedures and considering additional health and safety accreditations, clear communication has never been needed more.


Regular workplace breaks are vital to refocus and rebalance – helping boost productivity and improve wellbeing. When reopening restaurants or other food businesses it is important to remember that customers will want to feel safe and protected while taking their breaks; whether it be while enjoying a coffee, a lunchtime meal or a mid-afternoon snack. Back to work toolkit will provide tips and advice to determine the best coffee solution for your business in the current situation and find out the right mix of food and confectionery choices for your customers.


With more than two-thirds of #1 brands seeing higher than average share in April 20201, it’s apparent that consumers look for brands they can trust in times of uncertainty. Quality and taste are even more important than ever after months of lockdown, and familiar brands offer reassurance of quality and reliability. Recognising shifting consumer demands will ensure your business or restaurant guidelines reinforce trust, while familiar brands help you deliver what customers need. This will help lead to a successful transition through this phase.


Consumers are even more focussed on where ingredients are sourced from due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and transparency is essential when communicating with your customers. From calling out the functional and environmental benefits of your products to ensuring customers know about your plastics and recycling initiatives, highlighting key messages linked to your catering offering has never been more important when reopening restaurants and other food businesses.


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Do you want to find out more about how to meet customer expectations with up-to-date workplace catering and restaurant guidelines? Discover how the public sentiment has changed regarding sustainability in restaurants and other food businesses, in our next article here.


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