A new range of healthier office snacks for the workplace channel under the Nature’s Heart brand

Friday, February 14, 2020

To celebrate the launch of a new range of healthier office snacks from Nature’s Heart we commissioned a survey1 which questioned 500 UK office workers about workplace eating.

Natures heart dark chocolate goldenberries

It found that 7 out of 10 of us don’t make it through the morning without snacking and that 11:50am is the optimum time for a workplace snack. 

Currently, over two-thirds of consumers in the workplace are being driven outside of work to buy snacks.2 This is due to a lack of choice, wanting better quality, nicer taste or because people aren’t finding the type of snack they want at work.1 The new range of Nature’s Heart is designed to fill this gap with delicious, responsibly sourced snacks that are a source of fibre. 

The healthier office snack range is entirely vegan and is naturally indulgent. It includes chocolate goldenberries, which are sweet and tangy, high in fibre, high in iron and source of potassium. Nature’s Heart fruits and trail mixes are a delicious morning snack, while the dark chocolate fruits and glazed nuts offer consumers a sweeter more indulgent choice for an afternoon treat. The full range of healthier workplace snacks includes:


Blueberry & goji trail mix - Tasty blueberries, apricots, goji berries and flavourful goldenberries paired with a delicious mix of nuts and seeds. This workplace snack is not only a tasty treat but also high in fibre.

Blueberry and Goji Trail Mix Case ImagePackaging for Blueberry and Goji

Strawberry, banana & pistachio trail mix - Juicy strawberries, chewy banana, tangy goldenberries and sweet goji berries mixed with crisp almonds, crunchy pistachios and seeds. This office snack is not only delicious but also naturally high in fibre. 

Strawberry Banana and Pistachio Trail Mix Case ImagePackaging of Strawberry, Banana & Pistachio Trail Mix

Dark chocolate goldenberries - Tangy goldenberries smothered in dark chocolate and dusted lightly in cacao. This workplace snack from Nature’s Heart is perfect for anyone looking for an indulgent treat.

Dark Chocolate Goldenberries Case ImagePackaging of Dark Chocolate Goldenberries

Dark chocolate bananas - Experience the delicious taste of sweet, chewy dried banana dipped in dark chocolate and finely dusted with cacao. High in fibre and mouth-watering this snack is bound to be a hit in the workplace.

Dark Chocolate Bananas Case ImagePackaging of Dark Chocolate Bananas

Tropical mix - An assortment of soft, delicious mango, pineapple and banana. This tasty trail mix is a healthier workplace snack than most, treat yourself and your staff today. 

Tropical Mix Case ImagePackaging of Tropical Mix

Pineapple & chilli cashews - Creamy cashews, delicious pineapple, tangy goldenberries and crunchy sesame seeds, mixed together and coated with chilli infused coconut nectar to create a sweet and spicy fusion of flavours. This mix is a source of fibre and ideal as a workplace snack.

Pineapple and Chilli Cashews Case ImagePackaging of Pineapple Chilli Cashews


Tom Benton, our General Manager of Nature’s Heart UK said:

“We take exceptional care to cultivate and source the finest natural ingredients and combine them to make truly delicious nutrient filled snacks. Nature’s Heart has sustainable farming practices in its DNA and is committed to providing fair and viable incomes to its community of family growers.” 


The new Nature’s Heart range is now available to order for workplace snacking from Bidfood, Brakes and Amazon.


  1. Research conducted by 3Gem surveyed 500 full and part time office workers
  2. StreetTalk,Workplace Drinking and Snacking (2019)

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