Back by popular demand!

Friday, March 2, 2018

The white chocolate category is in growth* and KITKAT® is the most popular confectionery brand in foodservice**. That’s why we are pleased to announce the return of KITKAT Chunky White Chocolate as an exclusive to foodservice in its single format.


KITKAT Chunky White, back by popular demand in food service.

Confectionery is largely an impulse purchase so as a vendor it’s important to offer something that will answer consumers’ needs at that particular time; whether that’s something to keep them going at work, or something with a bit more bite whilst on-the-go. 

This is often very different to what consumers are looking for in their weekly shop, so offering a product like KITKAT Chunky White Chocolate bar, that can’t be picked up from the supermarket shelves offers a point of differentiation for consumers when purchasing confectionery on-the-go. Voted by the nation as the second most popular KITKAT Chunky^, so could play a role in broadening the appeal of your confectionery range and attracting new purchasers

Exclusively brought to maket for foodservice KITKAT Chunky White Chocolate will be available to order in March 2018 so contact us to place your order.


*White chocolate category sales +30bps YOY

**OOH delivered wholesale sales out value data to 25 March 2017

^KitKat Chunky White Chocolate received 30% of ‘Chunky Champion’ votes in 2012.