How happy are you with the coffee in the office?

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

New research from One Poll commissioned on our behalf shows that more than half of office workers (60%) aren’t happy with the coffee offered in their workplace.

A woman drinking a cup of coffee in an office
The results also revealed that 21% said it’s boring or outdated, 14% said it could do with a revamp, and 8% said they simply don’t like it. In fact, disappointing coffee (14%) is amongst the biggest workplace frustrations for office workers, alongside long meetings (45%) and emails not working (37%). 

The big coffee opportunity 

The opportunity this creates for workplaces to invest in great tasting coffee is clear:
The research1 revealed that good coffee can make all the difference to office workers, with 71% saying a good coffee helps to improve their working day, with fresh milk (43%), and convenience (34%) topping the office coffee wish list. 
Lynn Little, our Head of Nescafé Ingredients says: “Our research  shows there is a huge opportunity for workplaces to invest in great coffee. The reality is that more than half of office workers (55%) begin their working day with a coffee, and almost three quarters (71%) feel their day is improved by a good mug, meaning the importance of great tasting coffee should not be underestimated."
This is where the our new NESCAFÉ® GOLD Latte and NESCAFÉ® GOLD Cappuccino Unsweetened Taste* comes in. Made from coffee beans and with milk sourced from British dairy farms, the new recipe has been tailored to meet the needs of small workplaces, without comprising on convenience. 
“Featuring high quality ingredients, new branding and a luxurious taste, the range has been developed to deliver a more premium coffee drinking experience. Plus, with 57% of office workers saying that frothy coffee feels like a treat, the new coffee also features a luxurious café style froth, meaning office workers can create an attractive café style coffee without having to step outside of the office.”
If you're looking for great coffee for your workplace then get in touch with us. The NESCAFÉ GOLD range comes in 1kg tin and sachet formats and can be ordered from a range of distributors nationwide.
*Low sugar when prepared, for unsweetened taste.