A great stock doesn’t need to be time-consuming

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Making a great stock from scratch is a key skill for any chef, giving you the perfect foundation on which to build and customise your dishes. But getting your stock made on time, and delivering a consistent quality and flavour, can be a challenge in a busy professional kitchen.


A dish served with one of the products from our CHEF All Natural Stock range

That’s why we created the range of CHEF® All Natural Stocks – ambient stocks made with the same ingredients you would use in your own professional kitchen. They deliver the same quality you’d expect from your own stocks, but are easy to use and ensure consistency every time.


Consistent quality stock without the hassle

Stock will be a key ingredient across a wide range of items on your regular menu – from soups and risottos, to casseroles and pies. So the quality of your stock needs to always be top class.

But making your own stock from scratch for every service, and achieving the best quality each time, can be difficult. Switching to bought in stock helps you overcome these issues.

By using bought in stock in your kitchen, you can achieve:

  • Consistent taste and flavour in your dishes – allowing you to deliver exactly the same quality dish at each sitting and across multiple restaurant locations within your brand.
  • A cost-effective and time-saving product – reducing the price of making your stock by using less energy and labour, as well as lowering your raw ingredients costs (a benefit that allows you to create a bigger profit margin on each dish).
  • Stable pricing for every stock you use – removing the problem of fluctuations in price for raw ingredients when making stock, and making your kitchen budgeting easier.


A faster way to prepare your dishes

When you’re a professional chef, time is an important resource. The less time required to achieve a premium dish, the more productive and creative you can be – helping you to deliver a high quality dish each time, meet your diners’ high expectations and run an efficient kitchen.

CHEF® All Natural Stocks can help save you time by:

  • Removing the need to make stock from scratch – so you and your team can avoid the lengthy process of preparing kitchen made stock from raw ingredients.
  • Speeding up the time spent producing each dish – with similar to scratch made quality stock available instantly, as and when dishes are being prepared for the pass.
  • Delivering convenience alongside real flavour – giving you and your kitchen staff the ideal balance of speed, quality and flavour in each stock.

Our stocks are available in Beef, Veal, Chicken, Shellfish and Lamb and can be used as a finished product or easily customised for chefs wishing to add their creative flair.

Switch to high quality, bought in stocks and see the difference it makes to your kitchen.