Spreading the Garden Gourmet goodwill with Atalian Servest’s foodservice brands Angel Hill Food Co & Academy

Monday, June 15, 2020

COVID-19 has impacted our everyday lives to an unprecedented measure. It has taken a significant toll on people from all backgrounds. Many households had to compromise access to nourishing food during the lockdown as a result of poor access to supermarkets, avoiding public transport, or even due to financial difficulties resulting from job losses.

Even those that are working tirelessly to supply the nation are seemingly overwhelmed with the pressure. In such unusual times, every bit of support and encouragement can go a long way in keeping the workforce motivated to deliver their best.

In our bid to do good for the society as well as uplift spirits of those that were working tirelessly to help those in need, our Garden Gourmet brand partnered with global facilities management leader, Atalian Servest, to help their customers get easy access to a hot, nourishing and delicious meal. We donated free stocks of Garden Gourmet Sensational Burger & Garden Gourmet Fillet Pieces. The Garden Gourmet products are 100% plant-based protein and delicious. They can be served as main meals and are very easy to cook. They taste delicious and appeal to Vegans, Vegetarians as well as Flexitarians. And most importantly -- they are perfect for grab and go as well as for sit down workplace lunches. 

The meals went down a treat and beneficiaries enjoyed them across schools, academies, hospitals, factories and many more. Many meals were also shared with vulnerable families who were struggling to make ends meet due to the pandemic.

Plant-based burger displayed in canteen

Commenting on the partnership, Stephen Williams, Operations Manager from Angel Hill Food Co, part of Atalian Servest Group said;

“We are delighted to partner with Nestle Professional. Our customer and employees were very pleased with the taste of the food. The chefs too found it very easy to prepare the food… Overall it went down a treat and everybody enjoyed it.”

Of the numerous positive feedback we received on the Garden Gourmet products & the partnership, we highlight a select few below.


"We have the Garden Gourmet Burgers on as an additional ‘Chefs Special’ today... Derek cooked off a burger on Tuesday and we all had a taste, they are absolutely fantastic, you would not believe they are plant-based, as good as if not better than a meat burger." – John Murphy, Catering Manager for Angel Hill Food Co

"SUCCESS! Great response from the start, customers very eager to try and very good feedback all round. At breakfast this morning, one of the Engineers had already decided that he was having a burger for lunch. An excellent product that will definitely be featuring on our menu and we can have a ‘play around’ each time with different toppings and dressings." – Vitacress Customer 

"Still receiving more feedback on the Garden Gourmet, they really liked them, Gill had one, Ray who is a real meat eater described them as excellent and recommended them which led to 4 of his mates coming in for one. It is nice to hear ‘can we have them again please’?" – Vitacress Consumer

Garden Gourmet plant-based burger served on a plate

Government Health Care offices:

"The feedback from across the board at both sites has been extremely positive – in terms of the flavour, texture, simplicity to prepare, suitability to include as part of a burger themed menu – and the vegetarian (although many customers say you wouldn’t realise!) and nutritional qualities have also been picked up on by many. It has been great to be involved and overall, we are would be more than happy to include these in our offer on a more permanent basis." – Stephen Williams, Operations Manager for Angel Hill Food Co

Ernesford Grange Academy:

"At the outset I would like to say how amazed I am to the willingness and generosity of Nestlé in helping us provide for families and children who are facing very difficult financial times. We can all look at things with a percentage of scepticism, but this was truly an arm extended to those in need, and for that I personally thank you… The product will have gone out to over 200 families by the end of our efforts, a great effort supporting the most vulnerable, it just proves and shows by working together what can be achieved.

Down to the product itself, being candid I will never be a vegetarian, but this is a remarkable product one that I as a caterer for the last 30 plus years I would and could easily sell, and yes, I have tried myself and was taken back by the flavour, texture, and finished product. As caterers we face a constant battle to minimise allergens in food products, so I was pleasantly surprised to find very little in your product. I would have very little hesitation in recommending the product to colleagues and friends." – Neil Hemmings, Group Manager for Academy 

Garden Gourmet plant-based burger served on a plate