Building a sustainable future for the hospitality industry

Thursday, February 22, 2018

2018 is a very special year for the Nestlé Professional® Toque d’Or® Competition as it celebrates its 30th anniversary. With this in mind, CHEF® consultant Andrej Prokes, gives an overview of the evolution of the competition and why it’s so important to the future of our industry. 


Student chef taking part in Nestlé Professional® Toque d’Or®

With an estimated skills shortage of 1.3 million hospitality workers by 2024*, one of the biggest challenges for the hospitality industry is to inspire the younger generation. We need to showcase that a career in this field is exciting, rewarding and so much more than a “stop gap” job.

Nestlé Professional Toque d'Or logo

The Nestlé Professional Toque d’Or competition does just that. It’s so much more than just a competition. It motivates apprentices and students by celebrating their skills and potential. It champions and challenges in the most exciting ways, helping them to gain confidence in their culinary skills whilst enhancing personal development. By linking education with industry, the Toque d’Or student competition also bridges the gap between the classroom and the exhilarating reality of industry.

Toque d’Or is one of the longest standing competitions in the sector and the student competition sees a total of 24 teams selected for the highly anticipated National Heats. They attend a masterclass from both front and back of house industry experts and are shown a three-course meal, wine and service. The challenge will be to replicate this, with each team producing ten covers as part of a lunch service to guests of Nestlé Professional. Judged against a national standard, the six highest scoring teams will go on to compete in the Grand Finals.




Being part of this competition can change someone’s career, with the industry recognising that Toque d’Or competitors have demonstrated true passion and commitment. As part of Nestlé Professional, CHEF is involved with the Toque d’Or competition and passionate about supporting apprentices and students to progress up the ladder. By developing, nurturing and up-skilling talented people, providing them with the right tools to succeed, Toque d’Or is working towards building a sustainable future for the industry. Stay tuned as the rest of the competition unfolds. I wish every team the very best of luck for the National Heats and Grand Finals.

*People 1st, Migrant Workers in the Hospitality and Tourism Sector and the Potential Impact of Labour Restrictions, April 2017