Get festive with your winter drinks options

Saturday, December 1, 2018

The Winter months are upon us and the holiday season is only a few weeks away, so it’s time to liven up your hot beverage options and start getting festive with your takeaway drinks.

With the large coffee-shop chains rolling out their festive drink menus, it’s important for your convenience store to enter into the holiday spirit – and that means rotating and updating your usual coffee-to-go product range to appeal to Winter consumers.

Offer hot Winter-warmers on the go

Coffee and hot beverages on-the-go can be an excellent addition for your convenience store. They help you to attract a wider range of customers, increase your overall customer experience and provide you with a regular revenue stream to improve the store’s overall profitability. 

Recent statistics show four in five (79%) Brits bought a hot drink out of home in 20171 and hot beverages are likely to become a big seller over the coming Winter months. Adding a NESCAFÉ® &GO® coffee machine lets you service this customer need for convenient coffee.

NESCAFÉ &GO cups sitting on a table in a row with a brick background

To get the most from your Winter drink sales:

  • Increase your footfall – 44% of Brits buy their hot drinks from non-specialist stores2, so offering drinks to-go is a great way to bring more customers into the shop and boost overall footfall to your convenience store.
  • Offer warming hot beverages – as the temperatures drop and customers look for warming product choices on chilly days, having hot coffees, teas and hot chocolates on offer can make your store a focal point for customers.
  • Think about pairing drinks with festive food – running a promotional deal on hot drinks can also increase sales, so consider pairing a hot beverage with a mince pie or a slice of Christmas cake at an attractive price point.


Spice up your product range of hot drinks to-go

With the big coffee chains promoting their Winter drinks options, it’s important to compete with your local coffee shops – and that means spicing up your product range to augment the existing coffee options you’re offering from your NESCAFÉ® &GO® coffee machine.


Consider adding new drink products, including:

  • NESCAFÉ® GOLD Vanilla Latte Coffee – allowing you to vie with your coffee competitors by offering this classic coffee-shop favourite, crafted from high-quality coffee beans, fresh British milk, and a delicious vanilla flavour in a cup.
  • NESCAFÉ® AERO Hot Chocolate – offering customers a hot, creamy hot chocolate with AERO®’s unique bubbles, all delivered in an instant from your in-store machine.
  • NESCAFÉ® AZERA® To Go Cappuccino - Now your customers can savour a barista-style cappuccino on-the-go with NESCAFÉ Azera To Go Cappuccino. Each pre-filled cup contains everything they need to create a barista-inspired cappuccino. 


Buy a NESCAFÉ® &GO® coffee machine online today


If you’re looking to keep your regular customer happy this Winter, and want to increase drinks sales across the store, we’d recommend investing in a NESCAFÉ® &GO® coffee machine and exploring our full range of takeaway hot beverage options. Discover more about our NESCAFÉ® &GO® coffee machine


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  2. Mintel’s Coffee Shops 2016 report 

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