Discover which restaurant coffee machines and products are right for your business

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The average UK consumer drinks two cups of coffee every day*. We’re now a nation of coffee lovers, so having a range of speciality resturant coffee options on offer at your pub, restaurant or dining establishment can be a key way to broaden your appeal in this competitive market.

Friends meeting for coffee

So, how does a resturant or pub decide which commercial coffee machine will be best for your business?

To make things easier, we’ve created the Coffee Machine Recommendation Tool – a helpful online solution that helps you find the right NESCAFÉ® coffee machine for your pub or restaurant.

A quality range of coffee supplies

Your customers will expect you to serve coffee and hot beverages across your opening times, whether you’re running a local family restaurant, or an ambitious new gastropub. 

As a product range that sells throughout the day, and well into the dinner service, coffee is an important offering to get right as part of your daytime and evening menus. 

Tips for making coffee part of your customers overall experience:

  • Offer top-class coffee to customers – by serving quality resturant coffee that meets the high expectations and requirements of today’s educated coffee consumers. 
  • Appeal to the daytime coffee buyer – and make coffee a key product offering for non-drinkers, widening your daytime appeal in the local marketplace.
  • Feature different resturant coffee choices – and embrace the full range of cappuccinos, lattes and americano options, to keep your customers trying new variations.


Choosing a pub or restaurant coffee machine

By using our helpful new Coffee Machine Recommendation Tool, you can be confident that you’re investing in the right coffee machines for your pub, bar or restaurant.

To begin your resturant coffee machine selection:

  1. Open the free online selection tool click here to open the tool from any device and start your personalised digital selection experience. 
  2. Answer some short questions – so we can find out more about your pub or restaurant, your customer base and the coffee requirements of your business model.
  3. Get your tailored recommendations – with a bespoke list of NESCAFÉ® coffee machines that will offer the best in high-end coffee for your customers.

Start your journey towards finding the right resturant or pub coffee machine for your business, helping your pub or restaurant offer a diverse and exciting coffee experience for new and regular customers.


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* Research from the British Coffee Association, conducted by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR)