Convenient coffee for your hotel guests: choosing the best commercial coffee machine

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Britain has become a nation of coffee lovers, with 20% of UK consumers buying a coffee at least once a day*. As a hotel, that means meeting your guests’ needs for quality coffee, as well as catering for a range of local, national and international guests with high expectations from their daily brew.


Woman drinking coffee at breakfast table at a hotel or B&B

To deliver the best possible customer experience, you’ll want to serve coffee to your guests using professional, catering-standard coffee machines. But how do you know which coffee machines to choose?

To make your life easier, we’ve created the Coffee Machine Recommendation Tool – a fast online solution that helps you narrow your choices down to discover the best commercial coffee machine for your hotel from our NESCAFÉ® range.


Quality coffee that keeps guests satisfied

Offering quality coffee to your hotel guests is an excellent way to keep customers happy and differentiate your business in the competitive hotel and leisure market. And with consumers expecting a wide range of coffee and beverage options, it’s important to offer choice.

To enhance your hotel’s coffee offering:

  • Offer self-service coffee in rooms – giving guests the option to make their preferred coffee, tea or hot beverage in the convenience of their own suite.
  • Serve coffee in your bars and lounges – offer cappuccinos and lattes to your daytime bar customers, alongside your other drink and beverage ranges
  • Accompany meals with high-end coffee – bring guests the satisfaction of a top-quality coffee to round off their meal in your restaurant or brasserie.


Choosing a coffee machine that adds real value

Our brand new Coffee Machine Recommendation Tool takes the hassle out of finding the ideal coffee machine, or machines, for your hotel’s needs and customers. 

To start using the tool and find your recommended coffee machine:

  1. Open the free online selection tool – click here to access the tool from any device and start your personalised digital selection experience. 
  2. Answer some short questions – so we can find out more about your hotel, your customers and the coffee needs of your business.
  3. Get your tailored recommendations – with a customised list of NESCAFÉ® coffee machines that fit the requirements of your guests and your hotel.

Start your journey towards finding the best coffee machine for your business, helping your hotel to deliver a better coffee experience for your guests, and an enhanced customer experience all round.

Click here to discover the recommended coffee machine for your business

* Allegra World Coffee Portal –UK Retail Coffee Shop Market –Strategic Analysis, December 2017© Corporate Licence for Nestle Professional