CHEF® launches new range of premium sauces

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

For over 40 years the CHEF® brand has held the ambition to help professional chefs uphold their high standards in increasingly challenging kitchen environments. But while our commitment to quality has remained constant, the culinary world has evolved. 


A dish made with CHEF® Red Wine Sauce

Diners have become more experiential and more demanding, expecting higher quality and more diverse menu offerings at affordable prices. As a result, chefs are operating under higher pressure to keep costs low without compromising quality.

It’s these challenges and kitchen asks that has led to the development of our new range of Premium Sauces. Some have applauded our efforts, while others remain sceptical that you can buy a sauce as good as scratch-made. Let us tell you, it was no small feat, but with all the exceptional things the culinary industry is leading, we can create an ambient sauce with scratch-made quality.

Created by our team of professional chefs for chefs, our range of sauces have been diligently developed, then redeveloped, and passed through many kitchen trials by our team to create a range that delivers the closest to scratch-made, fresh flavour sauces in a convenient format

Available in Red Wine and Hollandaise, our sauces can be used as a finished sauce or easily customised for chefs wishing to add their creative flair.