CHEF® releases its new All Natural Lamb Stock

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Created by chefs, CHEF launches its latest innovation, new CHEF All Natural Lamb Stock.


Delicious lamb dish created using CHEF® Lamb Stock

Because we listen to your feedback and never stand still, we are pleased to announce that CHEF has developed new CHEF All Natural Lamb stock. It saves chefs time and costs for their businesses when compared with cooking from scratch but it does not mean comprising on quality or taste.


CHEF® Lamb Stock 1 Litre front view


Made with 3kg of lamb bones per litre of stock, water, vegetables and herbs, this lamb stock is made just as a chef would in their own kitchen. Our natural stock for chefs is ready in minutes and delivers consistent results every time, allowing chefs to add their own ingredients and display their creativity when presenting diners with their finished dish.