Boost your convenience store sales with cross promotion

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Your convenience store is a mainstay of the local community, so it’s important to continually refine and improve your product ranges, promotions and deals to offer the best possible value for your customers – keeping your sales figures and revenues healthy as a result.

Ariel view of coffee cups and snacks

Cross promotion of your product ranges is a great way to boost these sales, by pairing drinks from your NESCAFÉ® &GO® coffee machine with a range of different food purchases.

Pairing hot beverages with related food products

The popularity of coffee-to-go is increasing, with 36% of consumers purchasing more frequently than 12 months ago1. And with colder autumn weather already here, and winter just around the corner, hot beverages are likely to become a regular purchase for customers of your store. 

So now’s the perfect time to run a hot drink cross-promotion deal – offering customers a chance to make a saving by buying related food items with their choice of quality coffee, tea or hot chocolate from your in-store NESCAFÉ® &GO® coffee machine.

Some key deals to offer will include:

  • Breakfast deals for the morning trade – pairing breakfast bars, fresh fruit or bakery items with your early morning customer’s choice of quality GO® coffee.
  • Lunchtime deals for working customers – offering a lunchtime meal deal of fresh sandwiches, salads, fruit and crisps or confectionery alongside their chosen hot beverage.
  • Afternoon deals for passing trade – matching a healthy snacking or confectionery item with a coffee or hot drink and encouraging a larger basket spend from passing customers.


Getting your promotion and marketing right

For your cross-promotion deals to work effectively, you need to market your promotions and cost savings in the most attractive and productive ways within the store.

To increase the success of your deals:

  • Get your pricing right for deals – by offering a price point that incentivises your customers to use the deal, but also creates a healthy margin for your sales revenues.
  • Make your marketing eye-catching – and use promotional materials in your shop window, or by your tills, to advertise your current deals and create higher engagement.
  • Think about the positioning of products – so your coffee machine is located next to your currently promoted deal items, encouraging an impulse buy from customers.


Our new online Confectionery Range Tool

Confectionery makes up 5.3% of the average convenience store basket2, so choosing the right confectionery ranges to include in your in-store promotions is an important decision.

We’ve created an online Confectionary Range Tool to take the hard work out of choosing the best confectionery products. This easy-to-use tool gives you a recommendation of which confectionery ranges to stock, based on a series of simple questions about your business.


Try the Confectionery Range Tool today and boost your cross-promotion sales


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  2. The Local Shop Report 2017, Association of Convenience Stores

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