Autumn is here – warm your customers up with coffee on the go

Monday, October 1, 2018

Autumn leaves are falling, the kids are back to school and the weather is getting colder – so it’s time for your customers to get back to the daily routine. That makes Autumn a great time to start offering self-service take-away hot coffees and teas in your convenience store.

Ariel view of different types of coffee in cups

The NESCAFÉ® &GO® coffee machine is a simple and straightforward way to add coffee to your product range, adding plenty of real autumnal value for your customers.

Convenient coffee on the go

With cold starts in the morning, school pick-ups in the afternoons and darker evenings as the nights draw in, a convenient cappuccino is just what your busy customers need to warm them up as the autumnal weather really starts to kick in.

Having a NESCAFÉ® &GO® coffee machine in your store:

  • Can deliver a great coffee experience – bringing your customers quality coffees, teas and hot chocolates to warm them up on cold Autumn mornings and evenings.
  • Makes self-service simple and easy – so customers can quickly serve up a black coffee, or herbal tea, and take it away in a matter of minutes.
  • Can upsell your other product ranges – encouraging customer to pop in for a coffee, but to also pick up a snack, grab a newspaper or use your other in-store services.


Coffee cup on a table with pastry


Catering for the school-run market

As any parent will tell you, getting your kids fed, dressed and up for school on time is no mean feat – and it sometimes means mum and dad are missing out on their daily cuppa in the rush to get bags packed, uniforms on and homework completed on time.

To help those busy parents on the school run:

  • Put your coffee machine in a prominent position – so your coffee options are easy to spot and mums and dads can quickly nip in to grab a coffee on the way to school.
  • Keep your customer favourites in stock – monitor which coffees are the big sellers in the morning, and ensure you’re stocked up to avoid disappointing your customers.
  • Display breakfast products alongside your coffee – put breakfast bars, fresh fruit and pastry options near your coffee machine to upsell these products to hungry parents.


If you have a coffee machine, bring it out in time for the colder weather. If you don’t, treat your customers to a NESCAFÉ® &GO® machine and see the difference it makes to your Autumn sales.


Buy a NESCAFÉ® &GO® coffee machine now! 


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