Snack Sales in the Workplace

Providing a range of snacks and treats to your workforce is an effective way of keeping people on site and happy. But which snacks and treats are most popular? And which parts of the day are snacks most important?

Man and woman eating KitKat

We understand that consumers behave differently when they’re out of home. Their preferences for food and drink differ depending on where they are. What you want when you’re relaxing at home is different to when you’re on the go or at work. So it’s important that these preferences are reflected in the range of snacks made available out of home.

Making a range of snacks and treats for your workforce available can give your workplace the edge. But which snacks and treats are most popular? And at what occasions are snacks consumed and why?

To answer these questions, we conducted research* and asked 2,000 consumers about their preferences when buying confectionery and other sweet snacks. We’ve included brands from Nestlé and key market competitors, and covered product ranges from chocolate and sugar, to other sweet snacks. We asked what, where, how often and when they like to buy their favourite treats.

Where retail data has traditionally been used to approximate the out of home market, this is study* was conducted specifically into out of home confectionery category management, covering five industry sectors, including the workplace, as well as healthcare and higher education. We took our sample from a range of workplaces across both factory and office environments.

All of this data was then fed into a tool that helps us optimise the confectionery range for our customers. The tool looks at reach, the percentage of people satisfied by a range of confectionery, and frequency (how often consumers would purchase). The range optimiser tool recommends the best range for our customers depending on what industry sector they’re in and if they sell confectionery over the counter, or through a vending machine.

It can show the reach and frequency of your current range and then recalculate based on an optimised range. This before and after can show how changes in what you offer can make a difference to your business.

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* Optimising OOH Confectionery Ranges, Future Thinking, June 2016