Creating the Cup of Coffee That's Right Up Their Street

Understanding who your customers are, or could be, is vital when looking to purchase a commercial coffee maker. Your customers are changing. They’re less likely to work 9-5 and busy lives and technology means they’re constantly on the go. Little and often convenience shopping is on the rise. Customers expect what they want, where they are, when they want it.


Take out tea and coffee
Research also suggests people on average make 10 visits to convenience stores a month and the visits are much shorter than larger retailers. But the good news is on the go hot drink customers are more loyal, with 47% buying at least every other day.
People make, on average, 10 visits to convenience stores a month
People appreciate that convenience stores are at the heart of their local communities, providing valuable services and bringing people together. An ‘on the go’ solution gives them another reason to visit and buy, which in turn can add up to even greater sales. 

Make the most of it with Nestlé Professional on the menu

We can work with you to find the right solution and tailor a beverage menu to meet your customers’ needs. We can also help you with marketing in store, to make sure you get the most out of your machines.


We can tailor a beverage menu to meet your customer needs

Giving your customers a brand we know they love

When it comes to coffee on the go, customers want to be given plenty of choice. In fact, 61% of all coffee drinkers say that the brand of coffee is important to them when buying a coffee out of home1. That said, they still want to make that decision quickly, which is where the power of the NESCAFÉ brand comes in. 
As a well-trusted and popular brand, NESCAFÉ scores the highest brand consideration out of home at 93%2.
Soluble coffee on a spoon
A cup of Nescafé Alegria coffee
Quality is also important to consumers, with 17% choosing a coffee destination based on quality of coffee3. Non-specialists should choose solutions that are simple to implement, allowing them to deliver a good quality cup of coffee every time. 
That’s why choosing our machines makes good sense. We have over 75 years of expertise within the coffee industry, and we’ve always been at the front of innovation. So we’re confident when we say that our machines deliver, time after time – helping your store to become a coffee destination of choice.
Then there’s our partnership with the Rainforest Alliance and dedication to the NESCAFÉ Plan – a global initiative that places sustainability and environmental responsibility at the heart of our coffee-making process. So by selecting NESCAFÉ, you’ll be able to demonstrate that you can meet your customers’ demand for responsible coffee, and in return, benefit commercially from the high level of trust that consumers have in the NESCAFÉ brand. 
Customers now demand responsibly sourced coffee

Urban or rural, we have the right blend for you

A convenience store can have a catchment area as small as half a mile or many miles across in rural areas. We look after both rural stores serving local communities and busier urban stores. So, wherever you are and whatever size your business, we have the experience to make sure you get the right machine.
Our commercial coffee machines are easy to install yourself or can be installed by our team, plus they’re low maintenance and hassle free. And as every square metre of a convenience store has to earn its keep, we have the perfect range of compact, low maintenance machines for many different spaces.


Selling delicious coffee, made easy


Serving a range of instant hot drinks in your business is an easy step away.



The right blend for businesses large and small


Making it easier to serve a great cup of coffee every time. 

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