Make Your Machine the Heart of Your Store – and Offer Real Customer Convenience

Your customers lead busy lives. So it’s important to bring them convenience, choice and an excellent customer experience with your NESCAFÉ® &GO® machine.


NESCAFÉ &GO machine image

The NESCAFÉ &GO machine offers customers a quick way to grab coffee on the go. And with your machine at the heart of the store, you keep customers happy while boosting revenues. 


Promote your machine for free!

Advertising your NESCAFÉ &GO machine is vital, helping you attract passing trade and raise local awareness that the store now offers coffee – and this promotion is free with us.

We’ll give you free point-of-sale materials to attract more customers, with a range of posters, window stickers, shelf strips and A-boards available to get your message out there.

Put your machine in the best position

Having the machine in a prominent position in your sales hot spot is essential – making your coffee machine a focal point for customers.

To make coffee sales more effective:

  • Place your machine near to the main till – and give staff an opportunity to offer a coffee to customers as they pay, helping you upsell your products.
  • Place near breakfast bars and croissants/pastries – encouraging early-morning customers to pick up a coffee and pair it with other tasty breakfast items.
  • Combine coffee with sandwich meal deals and other hot foods – offering an alternative to chilled beverages and boosting the store’s lunchtime trade.


Sell customers’ favourites at the right price

Meeting the needs of regular customers is crucial. Offering a variety of coffee options broadens your range, but it’s important to review your sales data and understand which products sell well.

  • Standard white coffee or cappuccinos are big sellers – so be sure to order these products in bulk and maintain the stock levels that customers demand.
  • Make sure you always have cups in the machine – and regularly check that the machine is filled up and ready to delight your customers.
  • Sell your drinks at the right price – our recommended retail price (RRP) is £1.10 per cup, but by offering a competitive price you can work in a great margin on each sale.

Keep coffee front of mind with your customers, and we believe you’ll soon see the positive impact on sales and revenue for your convenience store.