Nescafé &GO Top Tips - Improving Customer Loyalty & Relations

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Customer loyalty is key to any retail business. Read our top tips to improve your customer relationships and make the most out of your Nescafé &GO machine.

Man standing outside a newsagents

For any businesses providing a service to its customers, the art (and it is an art!) of building customer relationships and obtaining new customers will always be the number one priority.

What many businesses forget when they start to expand is the importance of customer loyalty. Below are a few top tips to improve customer relationships and increase sales from your Nescafé &GO Machine. 

Aero hot chocolate &GO cup being held out

Tip 1 - Building a relationship
Balasundaram from DDI Minimart shares his top tips to retain customers.  

"Saying hello to customers when they enter the store is very important. Talking to your regulars and showing an interest in them and their day will ensure they will return”.

Bhavesh Patel from Jay Maharaj Newsagents says that a friendly manner is extremely important for building good customer relationships also.

“Customers don’t want to walk into your store and see the shop clerk on their phone or watching the television. They want to be acknowledged!”

Tip 2 - Place a swing sign outside to grab the attention of passersby, or to simply remind them that Nescafé coffee is sold here.

Whether it’s reminding your regular customers about your hot drinks offering or trying to grab the attention of passersby, posters and swing signs are a great way to get your machine noticed.

Sign advertising &GO coffees placed on a street

Tip 3 -  Place your Nescafé &GO machine by the counter, to ensure the machine can be found easily and to also encourage impulse purchases.

Listening to feedback is also very important and it helps you build customer loyalty.

“My old machine used to sit behind the counter and have the sale sign upfront so people could see that I sold Nescafé, GOLD and Azera coffee. A few of my customers requested I move the machine to the front, so they could serve themselves. I listened and now I have customers who come in every day to purchase a coffee who weren’t coming in before”. 

Tip 4  -  Keep your Nescafé &GO machine by food-to-go items and offer cross-promotional deals to increase basket spend.

By keeping the machine up front and level with the customer, purchasing a favourite coffee flavour such as Vanilla latte from the &GO machine can be a very easy transaction. Having an &GO machine located next to a snack display will also drive sales as this gives consumers a choice to pick up a snack with their coffee, especially if a cross promotion is advertised.

&GO machine on the counter of a newsagent

Tip 5  -  Showcase a variety of flavours to cater for all taste buds, but monitor what your customers are buying.

Restocking favourited items will help retain customers and also increase the chances of increasing profit margins. By buying products customers are purchasing regularly or have requested, you are instantly catering to their needs and, in turn, will increase customer loyalty. 

Look out for more from Balasundaram and Bhavesh surrounding improving customer relationships to learn how they keep their regulars happy, increase their sales and more! Visit the Nescafé webshop and discover the range Nescafé has to offer.
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