Mother's Day Uncovered

Mother’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year in hospitality but also one of the most difficult to get right.


A family eating dinner in a restaurant on Mother's Day

So, what does special look like? Here at Nestlé Professional this is just the sort of question we like to know the answer to. 

To find out, we did a piece of external research* to explore the views of more than 150 consumers on what they want for their mums and families on Mothering Sunday. 

We also reached out to our network of restaurant operators** to uncover ideas on how to ensure guests head home happy after dining out.

To read what we found out download our report.



Maintaining Standards



Great dishes depend on craftsmanship, but in a busy kitchen there is a risk that details can get overlooked. Our range of CHEF® products have been created with the knowledge that every aspect of a dish matters. The chefs we serve have high standards, so the little things count – like using simple and real ingredients to create consistently high quality stocks and sauces, freeing up valuable time in busy kitchens.


Tricks Of The Trade

We understand the pressures chefs face day in, day out to create good food. That’s why we try to offer these unsung heroes a helping hand. Particularly well received by chefs on Mothering Sunday are MAGGI® Original Gravy and MAGGI® Golden Gravy. Thick, glossy and big on flavour, these market-leading gravy mixes take the hassle out of creating delicious, home-made style gravy.


*Nestlé Professional consumer survey conducted by Join the Dots, December 2017. 157 consumers took part.
**Industry research commissioned by Nestlé Professional and conducted by H2O Publishing, February 2018.