How to keep your regulars happy

Thursday, May 14, 2020

What’s better than a happy customer? A happy customer that becomes a regular of course! It’s very important to develop and maintain a loyal customer base. After all, it's your customers that grow your business. Just think about - if you could turn every customer that walks into your store into a regular, you could really boost your business!

Man in a convenience store serving a customer

How to keep customers happy and coming back for more?

Below are some helpful tips from our Ambassadors Bhavesh Patel from Jay Maharaj Newsagents, and Balasundaram from DDI Minimart on how to retain customers, keep your regulars happy and gain a loyal following.


Always greet them

A friendly manner is extremely important if you want to retain customers. People don’t want to walk into a store and see the shop clerk on their phone or watching the television,”

says Bhavesh Patel. Acknowledging that a customer has come in with either a smile or ‘hello’, will go miles in terms of retaining your regulars.


Stock items you know your regulars purchase all the time

“A lot of my regulars are builders and students who come in in the mornings to buy a hot drink on their commute. The builders tend to purchase either an Azera® cappuccino or GOLD® white coffee”.

Because of this, Bhavesh makes sure he is fully stocked up so that he keeps all his customers happy and the regulars aren’t disappointed.


Offer discounts

By offering up cross-promotion discounts on breakfast bites and a coffee, or lunch and a tea, customers will feel more inclined to purchase from your store in one go, as opposed to making a separate trip to a competitive store.

“I like to have a promotion on certain coffee offerings if there is a deal on at the Cash and Carry,” says Balasundaram, who has many regulars pop into his store daily. “This also encourages customers to try different flavours on offer that they wouldn’t normally try, such as NESCAFÉ® Vanilla Latte or NESCAFÉ® 3 in 1”.

Check out our handy guide on cross-promotion for more tips on how to keep customers happy.


Make a great last impression

First impressions are important for retaining customers, but so are last impressions. By being engaging, and helpful, your customers will leave your shop knowing they’ve received the best customer service possible and are likely to tell others. Offering a bag if a customer has purchased a lot of items, opening the door for them as they leave or simply wishing someone a good day are very simple ways of letting customers know how much they’re appreciated.

Check out even more tips for keeping customers happy from our Nescafé &GO Ambassadors in this quick guide. From displaying your products to cross-promotion tactics, get inspired by these fellow shop owners ideas.

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