How To Make the Most of Social Media For Your Restaurant

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Social media use is big in the food industry.


Taking a picture of a dish using a smartphone camera

With more than 200 million social posts tagged #food there is an intense desire among the users of Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and others to digest this kind of content . For those in the restaurant business social platforms present the perfect opportunity to reach out to customers and to build on existing loyalties. If you want to get the most out of your social presence here’s how to do it.


Post and share with joy

Do you love what you do? Social media is a fantastic way to get this across to similarly minded people – and that tends to be contagious. Infuse your posts and tweets with plenty of personality and enthusiasm to attract others who share your passion for pasta and desire for doughnuts. An authentic voice is what works best on social media – the more you enjoy what you’re posting, the more others will too. And use hashtags to show that you're in tune with current trends and help you connect with people generally around shared interests in food and restaurants. Every social media site uses hashtags slightly differently, so it's important to know what the conventions are on each platform. Look for hashtag best practice on blogs, forums and other relevant sites around this topic. 



Don’t skimp on the info, share as much as possible. Location(s), cuisine and contact details are crucial to your profile - when it comes to content there’s a vast amount of sharing inspiration out there. Menus, staff members, images of dishes you’re testing, videos of industry events you attend, as well as shots of restaurant interiors will attract and interest followers.


Engage with others

It’s a mistake to view social media purely as a platform from which to pick up your digital megaphone and start yelling. Social media is about interaction and even if you’re a business brand your followers expect this. Dedicate time to following the accounts that interest you, liking and commenting on the posts that have value to you and sharing this third party content with your own followers.


Invest in advertising

Social advertising can be very cost effective, subtle and particularly well suited to ad hoc marketing. Targeting options allow you to choose an audience based on factors such as demographics and location - you can define budgets well in advance, with either daily or monthly maximums.


The importance of pictures

In a business like the food industry photos are absolutely critical. While some social platforms are dedicated mainly to images (e.g. Instagram and Pinterest), all accommodate the sharing of high quality photos. Take the time to create beautiful images of your restaurant, staff and food – consider lighting, setting, colours and themes – and then post regularly. If you do nothing else to generate social media interest, colourful photos of mouth-watering food are a great place to start.