Hot Flavours – Dive Into a Range Of Speciality Coffees

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

We live in a coffee culture, with the UK coffee shop market now worth £8.9billion and growth in the sector of 12% since 2016*. So with coffee a key part of consumer buying, how do you continue to add new value and experiences for your customers?


Latte coffee in a tall glass cup

The answer is to keep your beverage range broad, and to offer new flavours and speciality coffees that keep your product offering fresh, innovative and appealing.

Help customers to embrace their adventurous side

44% of consumers are willing to try new beverages in coffee shops*, and that openness to new coffee varieties and flavours should be central to your customer experience.

To increase coffee sales and heighten the coffee experience:

  • Appeal to your customers sense of adventure – 14% of consumers choose to customise their beverage with a syrup*, so offer a wide range of syrup options including sugar free variants.
  • Change flavours with the seasons – update your syrups to include seasonal flavours; for example, gingerbread syrup in winter, or vanilla in the summer months.
  • Keep your flavours on trend – follow trends to offer new and exciting flavour combinations; e.g. pairing salted caramel syrup with your cappuccino product. 


Broaden your speciality coffee range


Ariel view of group of speciality coffees on a table


Grabbing a coffee is part of everyday life. 60% of consumers purchase a take-away coffee at least once a week, and 20% buy coffee at least once a day**. 

If you can become the coffee shop of choice for returning customers, that’s a valuable recurring revenue stream to tap into – so how do you encourage this customer loyalty?

  • Keep your coffee range wide – offer a range of speciality beverages, so regular customers can explore this variety, from standard americanos to hot chocolate options.
  • Offer a sense of indulgence – 43% of coffee buyers seek indulgence from their purchase**, so deliver that luxury feeling through speciality products and syrups.
  • Deliver the highest quality product – providing the best possible beverage (and the highest level of service) every time a customer visits drives customer loyalty.

The NESCAFÉ® Alegria and NESCAFÉ® Milano professional coffee machines both offer a fast way to offer a variety of coffees to your customers. You can bring a sense of indulgence to each and every cup by simply adding flavoured syrups to your range.


Offer coffee drinkers a taste of gold


Full cup of NESCAFÉ &GO Vanilla Latte.


For owners of the NESCAFÉ® &GO® coffee machine, we’ve made it even easier to broaden your product range and offer a new flavour experience for customers.

NESCAFÉ® GOLD Vanilla Latte is a brand new twist on a classic coffee shop favourite. Crafted from high-quality coffee beans, fresh British milk and a delicious vanilla flavour, you can offer your customers a taste of gold – with all the convenience of the NESCAFÉ® &GO® take-away experience.



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