Having Nestlé Professional as a Business Partner

At Nestlé Professional we understand that you want to get on with managing your business. We don’t expect you to be a Barista. That’s why all our machines are quick and easy to install and just as easy to operate and maintain.


Service support woman
What’s more, we have one of the largest support teams in the market. They’re there to help you at every step, from installation and training to advice and tips on point of sale (POS) and menu set up. 
Here we asked our Beverage Ambassador Team Leader, Sarah Brown, to explain a bit more.

What is the role of the Beverage Ambassador?

We train the customer and all their staff on how to use the machines, make the drinks and help them make the best of their machines. We are the only field force in the foodservice sector to train staff, sort out machine problems, correct drink strengths and increase cup sizes for free. We’re also on the end of the phone, should you need assistance.


What else do you do to help businesses?

We offer tremendous amount of insight into our clients’ businesses and advise them. We then create and execute the highest standard advertising and point of sale for them, sometimes completely bespoke for the best results. All to make sure there is a good path to purchase and an increase in coffee sales.

We deliver coffee to go solutions based on the size of your business



What’s the best bit of advice for customers interested in installing a coffee to go solution into their business?

The machines we offer vary a lot, so it’s not one-size fits all. We deliver solutions based on the size of their business. The machines are very easy to use; they’re not high maintenance like your traditional machines. You also get beverage ambassadors’ service.



We deliver coffee to go solutions based on the size of your business


Can you tell us about your latest site visit?

We recently did a courtesy visit at a pub. It’s something we do on a regular basis. We made sure they were happy with the coffee and how the machine was performing. We also had a conversation about syrups and how they could add value and generate more sales.



What’s the best thing about working with Nestlé Professional for businesses?

You have the NESCAFÉ® brand on your coffee machine and in your store – a brand you can be proud of and that you know the customers will love. We are also easy to do business with. We’re a great partner to have to help grow your business.